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That corn muffin (thank you eric007) who was documenting all this "inside" information regarding Peyton Manning to the Broncos via Twitter went on a rant about Tebow, Tebow's fans, Tebowmania, etc. The rant is.... interesting...

Goodbye Tebow Mania!
By Brandon Spano

I never thought in a million years that I would be happy to say that. When it comes down to the simple fact of Tim Tebow leaving, I’m actually not happy at all to say that. But within the past few weeks, I have grown to become very angry with Tebow fans.

It all started when Von Miller sent out a tweet that read, “I would take a huge pay cut to get Mario Williams and Peyton Manning, I just want to win!!!” Most football fans would be blown away by that statement. A young pro athlete saying that money doesn’t matter as long as he won a Super Bowl is unheard of.

But instead of getting respected, patted on the back, and fan recognition, he was attacked relentlessly by Tebow Nation. He was called a backstabber, a liar, a fake, a fraud, a loser, and a phony. It was sick. From that day forward, I have turned a cold shoulder to the fan base that made up for a huge percentage of my listenership, Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

Before I get carried away, which I totally plan on doing, I must say that I am not talking about all of Tebow’s fans, but I am talking about a large percentage of them. There are the football fans that loved watching him and believe that he can make it on the football field. They are fine with me. There are the Broncos fans that supported Tebow because he was a Bronco and will now root for Peyton Manning, I am okay with them too.

The spineless losers that I am talking about are the people that didn’t watch much football until they laid eyes on Tim Tebow. They are infatuated with everything he does and swing off of his every word. These fans don’t care about anybody else but Tim Tebow. Nothing is his fault and NFL methods that have been used for decades cannot be applied to him. They have no understanding of the NFL and feel like everybody owes Tim Tebow something. I would be failing Broncos fans if I didn’t mention that these same fans are the ones that walk into each conversation with an elephant-sized sense of entitlement.

Because they never watched Broncos football or paid much attention to the NFL, they actually feel like the Broncos were nothing before Tim Tebow got here. Apparently, the storied AFL franchise with 6 Super Bowl appearances, a Hall Of Quarterback and the stadium called “Mile High” was unheard of before Timmy showed up. That’s how ignorant these people are.

By the standards of these people, replacing Tim Tebow with arguably the greatest quarterback of all time is not fair and immoral. John Elway said that Tim Tebow would be the starter going into training camp and because he has now traded him, he is an evil, rotten, scumbag.

Before we touch on the disgusting, ruthless, and thug-like behavior that John Elway has been attacked with, I have to make it clear that just because you disagree with John Elway doesn’t mean that I am putting you in this category. My belief is that if you have a football reason for your opinion, than I accept it as a sports opinion and we can then discuss it like adults.

What I am talking about is the same group that I previously mentioned. The group that once again, knows nothing about the league that has been around for nearly a century. You see, John Elway was operating the same way that he has seen for the past 20 years, but little did he know, he was playing with a different deck of cards. A deck of cards that have been manufactured by religious zealots and fans of the pop icon, not the football player.

According to these people the Denver Broncos owed Tim Tebow something. After just 15 starts, they owed Tebow a starting spot and residency for life. I put out 6 on-air audio rants in defense of Tim Tebow that can all be found online to this day. I called out local and national media, some of which I have to see on a daily basis, in defense of Tebow. The intro to my show is me pleading my case for Tebow to be the starter in the preseason! With that said, even I know that the Broncos did not owe Tebow ANYTHING!

If The Broncos didn’t owe the legendary Steve Atwater a contract before shipping him off to the Jets after a decade on the Broncos roster, than they certainly don’t owe Tebow anything. I would guess that 95% of the group that I am aiming at have no idea who Steve Atwater even is. THE Steve Atwater. The one with 173 tackles in 1990, (not a typo) the one who is responsible for “the hit heard round the world” and the guy who knocked out three players at once during the Denver Broncos triumphant first Super Bowl win. Atwater is just one of the small stories in a library full of NFL books that contain these situations.

What about the guy that is replacing Tim Tebow? The great Peyton Manning. A quarterback who really did make a team relevant. A four time MVP who owns many records and spent the past 14 years building an empire. A Super Bowl MVP that single-handedly made it possible for a new stadium to be built and then was kicked out the door after missing last season with an injury.

Didn’t the Colts owe him? Didn’t they do him wrong? Surely if Tebow was done wrong by being traded away after 15 starts, Manning’s release has to be the most unethical, immoral, dismissal of a player in NFL history!

You will never hear that from the mainstream Tim Tebow fans. As a matter of fact, some of these fans have expressed on my Facebook page and my Twitter timeline that they hope he gets injured. Yes, you read that correctly. The fans of the NFL player that holds his moral and spiritual values at the highest plateau actually behave in the exact opposite manner of what he preaches.

Colin Daniels from SouthStandsDenver.com sent the final dagger into my heart a few days ago. The fans that I had grown so close to had already disgusted me after the bashing of Demaryius Thomas and Von Miller on any social media applications that they could get their hands on. But I was about to step upon the final straw.

Colin clicked on John Elway’s twitter account and started filing tweets that Tebow fans had sent Mr. Elway in a four hour period. It was pretty easy for him to copy a hundred of them in no time. I later looked for myself and there must have been thousands of derogatory tweets to Mr. Elway. Picking which ones to use for this article was very difficult because of how nasty these profanity laced quotes really are. Here are some of the nicer ones.

• There is nothing like a mans word. You took it back, what a coward!

• You are the MOST ARROGANT SPORTS PLAYER EVER! Don’t be jealous of Tim Tebow, a

GENUINELY GOOD GUY! He will do great things! GO TEBOW!!

• You made the biggest mistake that you have ever made, you lied to all fans. I know it and so do you. Pay backs are coming soon!”

• If the Broncos trade Tebow, I hope the Broncos lose every game that Manning plays in.

• You suck for trading Tebow, you fat inglorious ****! Your team will go 0 and 16.

Those were the nice ones. These thugs are running rampant attacking anybody that they can. They honestly believe that the Broncos owe Tim Tebow. They don’t get it. They don’t want to get it. This is the NFL. It’s a big business, full of moving pieces.

Reading the overwhelmingly malicious comments that appeared on Elway’s timeline was enough. It was at that point that I had to disassociate myself from them, turn around and point the finger. That’s what I am doing now. Some of these people will look at this column as a diss to Tim Tebow. That’s how ignorant many of their minds are.

The fact is that I love Tim Tebow. I don’t just think that he is a great guy who could marry my daughter one day. I think he is a kick ass football player that makes for one hell of a show. I think that he provides a skill set that we haven’t seen and with a few improvements could be one of the deadliest players in all of football.

I think he has the game winning gene. I think he is great under pressure. I think he could master half of the positions on the football field and be effective at the pro level playing any of them, quarterback included.

As many of you know, I am as impressed and blown away by Tim Tebow as I am about almost any player that I have ever seen. Call me crazy, but I think he is going to win a Super Bowl one day. That’s how much I believe in the man that I have called Super Timmy for the past 12 months.

What’s funny is that I have just upset everybody who hates Tim Tebow and everybody who loves Tim Tebow in the same column. And as I think about that simple notion, I realize that the problem lies within that very formula. You have to be for everything or be against everything. Sorry, I have my own mind; thank you. I will not condone the behavior from the people that some refer to as the Tebow Taliban.

It is my opinion that this is one of the prime reasons that Tim Tebow is not a Denver Bronco anymore. The circus is just too much. I also believe that this is why John Elway got rid of Tebow a day after Manning came to town. Elway did not want these scoundrels anywhere near his precious franchise. He did not want the greatest quarterback of all time to have to deal with this nonsense and questioning.

I’m assuming that Elway himself did not want to deal with this issue either. For everybody who says that franchises don’t make moves based on the fans, I agree, but I believe that this situation is different. According to Alex Marvez of Fox Sports, Legendary GM Bill Polian, said having Tebow and Manning on the same roster would create the kind of off-field distraction that teams try to avoid because of the potential trickle-down effect on each player and the rest of the roster,

That was the exact quote that Marvez pulled from Polian in his column a few days ago. That tells me all I need to know when a guy like Polian says that about a player.

Tebow Mania has packed up and left town, and I’m glad that I don’t have to see it or hear it anymore. I wish Tim Tebow all the luck in the world and I also hope that his fan base can get a grip of reality. Maybe this will teach them a lesson? Maybe this will make the many sane ones embarrassed enough to help control this issue? Unfortunately, it probably won’t.

Good bye Tebow nation and for the last time ever, GB2.

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Fucks I give = 0.

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****s I give = 0.

Sorry dude.

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Brandon Spano should go tweet more useless shit

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Brandon Spano should go tweet more useless shit

I guess what caught my eye more than anything was that he wrote something that exceeded 140 characters.

I saw that on a Donk board today because I was admittedly interested to see how the "hello Peyton, goodbye Tebow" reactions were going.... I have to give the Donk fans who post on here some credit...they aren't nearly as delusional as the majority of Donk fans who post on their own message board.