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03-31-2012, 05:46 AM

Missing Genitals - Accused Cripple Escapes Lynching By Whiskers

By Polycarp Nwaeke

An Hausaman, a cripple on a wheel chair who allegedly took the genitals of four youngman Friday, March 16, along Rumuola axis of Aba Road was rescued by the police whose quick intervention saved the man from being burnt alive.

Eyewitnesses told National Network that the first man's penis was allegedly taken from him when he offered money to the cripple who prior to the incident, was sitting comfortably in his wheelchair. Having been dispossessed of his manhood, the man now shocked, and in a terrible fit of anger, reportedly started beating the cripple and in the process brought him down from his wheel chair.

Seeing him in that state, three other youngmen, the eyewitnesses went on, came to help him by putting him back in his wheel chair. That was when the second bombshell occurred. The boys having come in contact with the cripple said to be wearing all sorts or amulets in his waste, purportedly had their penis vanished.

“The shouts of, he has stolen our prick rented the air, which attracted great crowd, some of whom joined now in beating the Hausa cripple and eventually succeeded in burning his wheelchair”, they further told our reporter.

Before he could be lynched, police reportedly arrived on the scene and took them, that is, the four boys and the cripple to the Divisional Police station, Kala, along Mile 4, Ikwerre Road, Port Harcourt.

Reporters who were following the story spoke to the DPO of the Police Station, a very Polite Officer, who immediately ordered his junior officers to bring the boys into his office so that they could be interviewed. On entering his office, the DPO ordered them to pull down their trousers, so that the alleged missing genitals could be confirmed. When they did that, it was seen that their genitals were intact, although they complained that they were lifeless. One of them particularly complained that since the incident took place he had not been able to urinate even though the urge to urinate had been there.

Not wanting to take chances, and insisting that the boys’ manhoods must be confirmed working or lifeless, the DPO ordered one or two of his junior officers to take them to a hospital so that a doctor could examine them.

When this reporter called the DPO before going to the press on Monday, he was confident that the boys are normal, having been examined by a doctor.

His confidence he told National Network, was boosted by the fact that the boys had not come back to the station to complain again. Subsequently, the Hausa cripple who allegedly perpetrated the act, he said, had been released on bail.###

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What just happened here?

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What just happened here?

journalism of best high quality

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april fools is tomorrow

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april fools is tomorrow

sadly for some, it's everyday of the year.:)