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04-01-2012, 03:03 PM
My goal here is to go BPA according to my big board, and specifically avoid players that I have seen taken by the Chiefs on any mock draft.


1.11: CB Janoris Jenkins, Northern Alabama

Pioli and Crennel meet with Jenkins a couple times over draft season, and they decide that this kid has learned a few lessons and is worth gambling on. So they get a brilliant man cover gives the Chiefs the best CB trio in the league. Much needed, too, because if either Flowers or Routt go down, we're ****ed as Arenas is a pure slot guy and has return responsibilities, and Brown needs another year. Jenkins gives us a guy for the future -- this probably means Routt is outta here after the season.

2.44: FS Markelle Martin, Oklahoma State

The goal is to make Peyton Manning's life as difficult as possible. Lewis is a smart free safety but he lacks the physical ability necessary to close those smaller Manning windows. Martin has that amazing speed and can learn from under Lewis for a year before pushing for the starting gig in 2013. Team captain.

3.74: WR Marvin Jones, California

Jones has been rocketing up big boards, including my own. I've been watching some California tape and Jones stands out. Chiefs WRs are either big-bodied acrobats (Bowe, Baldwin) or smaller, shiftier slot guys (Breaston, McCluster). Jones gives this corps more pure route-running and yet another brilliant pair of hands. Lacks deep speed, though. Team captain.

4.107: DT/DE Dominique Hamilton, Missouri

Hamilton's been rising a bit on my board, too. I didn't like him at Missouri, but I'm starting to squint some more and see the 3-4 end potential here. 6'5", 300+ lbs, he is a potential two-gap run clogger at end. I think his passrushing moves are lacking, but if Dorsey or Jackson go down, you know our run defense is going to be just fine.

5.146: ILB Josh Kaddu, Oregon

A super-athletic guy, Kaddu is a work in progress, but his measurables are insane. He can fortunately sit behind DJ who will take 100% of the snaps anyway and learn for a couple years. In the meantime, Kaddu should be wrecking shit by the end of the year. Team captain.

6.182: OLB Julian Miller, West Virginia

From what I know, Cameron Sheffield and Jalil Brown have two things in common. They were both drafted by Scott Pioli, and they were teammates of highly regarded prospects that came out the same year at the same position. Miller is teammates with mid-rounder prospect OLB Bruce Irvin, and produced perfectly fine himself -- plus features monstrous 34" arms.

7.218: SS Sean Richardson, Vanderbilt

Richardson will be a special teamer for a couple years in Kansas City as Eric Berry will take 100% of the snaps at strong. But he's a good run-defender and plays hard in the box. Will need time to develop his coverage skills.

7.238: OG Desmon Wynn, Rutgers

I posted about Wynn not that long ago as an effective option for the zone blocking system. He's a bit undersized but can play center if you need him too -- a big plus as a reserve lineman. Also very, very athletic.

04-01-2012, 03:06 PM
Chiefs sign Kelly Gregg back for another year.

QB: Cassel, Quinn, Stanzi
RB: Charles, Hillis, McCluster
FB: Bannon

WR: Bowe, Breaston, Baldwin, Jones, Copper, McCluster
TE: Moeaki, Boss, Maneri

LT: Albert, Mims
LG: Lilja, Harris
C: Hudson, Wynn
RG: Asamoah, Wynn
RT: Winston, Mims

DE: Dorsey, Bailey
NT: Gregg, Gordon, Powe
DE: Jackson, Hamilton

OLB: Hali, Sheffield
ILB: Belcher, Siler
ILB: Johnson, Kaddu
OLB: Houston, Miller

CB: Flowers, Routt, Jenkins, Arenas, Brown
S: Berry, Lewis, Martin, Richardson

04-01-2012, 04:50 PM
Richardson is a no go. He can't cover NFL receivers, and never will be able to. If you want a Vandy guy at that pick, go with Chris Marve. He can play. And would be a good fit at ILB and special teams.

04-01-2012, 05:01 PM
Chiefs sign Kelly Gregg back for another year.


Not on the website or anywhere on the interwebs

04-01-2012, 05:14 PM
Not on the website or anywhere on the interwebs

I was hypothesizing, if the Chiefs didn't draft a nose.

04-03-2012, 07:30 AM
I was hypothesizing, if the Chiefs didn't draft a nose.

Considering the date, I thought it was April Fool's.