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04-25-2012, 06:48 PM
No idea who this guy is, but he has an article devoted to his draft predictions. The only really interesting one is what he has to say about Russell Wilson. I know there are a bunch of fans of short-ass, so this is for them


It’s draft week and we are naming names.

1. Mr. Big Shot

Russell Wilson plans on kicking your rump.

And he will.

Yes, I know the obstacles. Russell Wilson is my height, standing at 5-10. I genuinely don’t care. Russell Wilson is out to prove he belongs in the NFL. With his incredible talent, unquestioned work ethic, natural leadership and winning ways, Wilson, against the odds, will carve out a career in the NFL.

Wilson started his career at NC State and oozed leadership the minute he walked on campus. He starred for the Wolfpack, showing off a rocket for an arm, a great knack for accuracy and big plays in big spots. Wilson left the program after being drafted by Major League Baseball. Realizing football was his sport and with a year of eligibility left, Wilson went back to college football to make an immediate impact for Wisconsin, shattering team records for touchdown passes, yards and completions in a season.

Wilson has the entire package of skills. He is an incredible athlete, with a cannon for an arm. He proved he can do it all.

If he was 6-3, we wouldn't be debating over which round he would be drafted in. Russell Wilson would be a first round pick.

But bright football people know what he brings to the game.

Future Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian told me on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he has Wilson rated as the No. 4 quarterback in the draft, and he would take him in the third round if he was a team that ran the West Coast offense.

One general manager told me via text, “At very worst, he’s Seneca Wallace. And Seneca Wallace was one of the best backups in the game and always gave you a chance to win as a starter.”

Talking to Wilson at length during a very impressive interview on the SiriusXM Blitz, he sounded energized about his prospects. He believes he excelled during the interview process, showing teams his “leadership, great attention to detail and what kind of competitor I am.”

Wilson scoffs at the notion that he can’t play in the NFL at his height. He cites the relatively diminutive Drew Brees as his role model and accurately mentions how his big hands and long arms should put NFL minds at ease. Wilson adds, “I’ve proven that height isn’t a factor. I’ve played in front of 90,000 people and made plays and won games. I’ve proven I have poise and leadership. I know the NFL values what I bring.”

I think Wilson could actually compete for playing time sooner rather than later if he was drafted in the third round by Cleveland or Miami, assuming they don’t pluck a quarterback earlier.

However, and I told this to Wilson, the ideal place for him at the beginning of his career is with the Green Bay Packers, who should draft another arm after Matt Flynn fled for the Seahawks this offseason. Green Bay runs the West Coast offense. Mike McCarthy’s quarterback school and quarterback teachings are legendary. Aaron Rodgers is a great mentor. And Rodgers and McCarthy value the quarterback room, craving players who have a natural thirst for competition and hard work. There’s a reason Flynn made it in Green Bay and Brian Brohm never did.

“Green Bay would be a great fit. I love, love football and would fit right in. I have a quest for knowledge. But I would also want to prove I could play,” Wilson said.

McCarthy would smile hearing that. And so should any coach looking for a true addition to the quarterback room.

Forget the height. Watch the games. Understand the work ethic and the pure skill.

Russell Wilson has a place in the NFL.