View Full Version : Electronics media center PC or 360?

KC Jones
06-01-2012, 06:52 AM
Are their any particular drawbacks or shortcomings to using an xbox 360 as a media center PC?

I'm assuming that I'd have to pay a monthly fee to MS for Live and that it won't play blu-ray. Anything else?

I'm looking to watch streaming content from vudu, amazon, netflix as well as pulling up content from my local network. I've built plenty of PCs over the years so that's not a problem for me and I have an old P4 1GB desktop sitting unused, but the fans sound like a chopper getting ready to take off and my wife refuses to have anything that looks like a desktop in the family room. I'm guessing by the time I drop the cash on a nice looking case and all the other components I'll have spent quite a bit.

I can get an xbox 360 for free with my united mileage points. I'm not a huge gamer and still prefer PC gaming.