View Full Version : Nat'l Security A soldier lost his shit at Fort Bragg today. Killed one, injured two.

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Official: Battalion commander dead in Fort Bragg shooting
By NBC News and msnbc.com

Updated at 7:38 p.m. ET: A soldier is dead and two others injured following a shooting Thursday afternoon at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, according to a statement released by the post. A senior U.S. defense official told NBC News that the deceased victim was a battalion commander.

The shooter was a soldier, according to the Fort Bragg statement. He shot another member of the unit during a safety brief -- in this case, a 10- to 15-minute lecture by a commander or soldier-in-charge about staying safe for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

The soldier then shot himself. He is injured and in custody, according to the statement. A third soldier was "slightly" wounded, according to the statement.

The victim is from the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, which is a reconnaissance and intelligence unit, according to its Facebook page. A brigade includes three or more battalions, according to the Army's homepage.

Special agents from the Army’s Criminal Investigation team were on site Thursday evening.

“This is a tragedy for our community,” Col. Kevin Arata, spokesman for Fort Bragg, said at a press conference. “We don’t yet know the reasons for the shooting, but are working with the unit and the affected families to help them through this difficult period.”

Officials said earlier that the incident does not appear to be terrorist-related.

Fort Bragg officials said on Facebook that the post is not on lockdown.

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Soldier kills officer in Fort Bragg shooting
Staff reports
Thursday Jun 28, 2012 17:17:55 EDT

A battalion commander at Fort Bragg, N.C., was shot dead and two others were wounded, Army officials said in a news release.

The shooter, said to be an E-4, reportedly shot the officer and then turned the gun on himself. The shooter was reportedly injured and is in custody.

Initial reports that the shooter was dead are incorrect.

The two soldiers were with the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade. The shooting occurred during a unit-safety brief near 18th Airborne Corps headquarters around 3:30 p.m.

A third soldier who was in the area was slightly wounded by a ricocheting bullet.

“This is a tragedy for our community. We don’t yet know the reasons for the shooting, but we are working with the unit and affected families to help them through this difficult period,” Col. Kevin Arata, 18th Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg spokesman, said in a statement.

“Our prayers are with those who have been affected by this terrible incident,” Arata said.

Post officials were redirecting traffic around the historic section of Fort Bragg near the intersection of Letterman and Armistead streets this afternoon and advising people to stay clear of the area.

Special agents with Army Criminal Investigation Command were on the scene this afternoon and have begun an investigation.

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They will kill 20 in Chicago tonight and no one will even notice

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Was it another Muslim like in Texas? In that case it will just be tagged as "workplace violence".