View Full Version : Video Games Anyone interested in a well-built, website based versus NHL online league?

08-20-2012, 04:16 PM
I'm the commissioner of an online league called the NNL. The league's been around since NHL 2010. The league used to be ran on LeagueDaddy, but in the past couple months an entire site has been built up: www.nnlcentral.com

Currently, the league is looking to gain a solid stable of waiting list owners and a select few who are excited to jump in to our NNL Draft. Our rules are currently being given a look over in anticipation of the upcoming new game release. Rule changes are being discussed for the new season, but the basic parts you may be interested in are:

- 5 minute periods
- 1 vs 1 team gameplay
- 30 teams
- 54 regular season games
- 16 teams
- Best-of-seven playoffs
- Change up your offense
- No trading or manipulation of the rosters (save for line changes)
- Don't act like a jerk.
- Enjoy yourself!

We have a plethora of communication avenues (i.e. AIM chat blast, message boards) for getting ahold of players and talking about the league in general. An entire history archive is kept on games played, awards won, and past NNL Cup champions.

If you are interested or have any questions, email me at MMXcalibur@yahoo.com