View Full Version : General Politics GOP Establishment tells Mitt - Be Bold like Bush! Whaaaat?????

09-15-2012, 06:00 PM
To clarify, the GOP establishment is talking about the first failed Bush presidency. They want a read my lips pledge no new taxes, or at least some specifics on what he plans to do. So how did the party nominate a man who they say they have no idea what he wants to do?

To trot out the first Bush presidency? What happened to Ronald Reagan? Was it the cut and run after 241 marines died in the Lebannon barracks tragedy? Was it the fact that Reagan tripled the debt? Was it 10% unemployment? Was it the attack on collective bargaining? Was it designating catsup as a school lunch vegetable? Is it that Reagan's own budget guru David Stockman has attacked the GOP for advocating an economic plan that is totally unrealistic? Is it the fact that in polls America has higher regard for Clinton than for Reagan? Perhaps Clint Eastwood has made them nervous with the empty chair, they didn't want to debate astrology again.

It just seems strange that the establishment would refer to Bush I. You'd think Theodore Roosevelt perhaps. Ooops, he created national parks, he brought thousands of people together to 'build' the Panama Canal? Ahhh, it must have been trust busting to take on corporate America and their abuse of workers and the system. Oh well, forget Roosevelt since he abandoned the republican party himself in disgust.

Hey Myth...wanna bet 10,000 you lose?