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09-21-2012, 05:45 AM

PARIS/MARSEILLE, France Sept 20 (Reuters) – Police detained a young man in southern France on Thursday on suspicion that he was planning a revenge attack on the staff of a satirical magazine which published cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammad.

Anti-terrorism magistrates near the Mediterranean port city of Toulon questioned the 18-year-old after he threatened in a message on Facebook to cut the throats of anyone he could find at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a judicial source said.

The magazine’s publication of cartoons ridiculing Mohammad added to the anger of Muslims already outraged over an anti-Islam film produced in the United States and posted on the Internet.

The suspect had no police record but he was already known to security services, the source said, without giving further details.

Police in France are on high alert for attacks by Islamist militants. They were criticised for failing to stop an al Qaeda-inspired gunman shooting dead seven people in March, including three Jewish children, in the southern city of Toulouse.



Egypt’s influential Muslim Brotherhood demanded Thursday that France act against cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohamed in the same way as against the topless pictures of Prince William’s wife Catherine.

Its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, called for “firm and rapid measures against the (French) magazine” Charlie Hebdo which printed cartoons mocking the prophet on Wednesday.

The movement, from which President Mohamed Morsy emerged, pointed out that “the French judiciary has taken dissuasive measures against a magazine which published the photographs” of the former Kate Middleton, the British royal.

French authorities on Tuesday banned the magazine Closer from any further publication or resale of the pictures and launched a criminal investigation into how they were obtained.

The FJP also stressed “the tough stand (of French authorities) against those who deny the Holocaust” in France.

France has been bracing for a backlash following the publication of the Mohamed cartoons — two of which portray the founder of Islam naked — by Charlie Hebdo, a satirical weekly.