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sorry if this is a repost, i looked pretty quick and didnt see anything. however, i find this pretty interesting. i always kind of thought this. He was a bit crazy, but i always felt like he hated pioli like we all did and deep down was a decent dude. Atleast he wasnt a pussy like RAC...

"I always liked Todd. Heís one of the most regular guys that Iíve covered. And one of the most unfortunate things about the Todd Haley era is that nobody else really saw that. I think he is a lot like you and me ó heís just a regular guy to have a beer with. Heíd laugh at the same things. He just happened to be a football coach. Smart people can do anything they want to do. I donít think he came out of the womb wanting to be a football coach, but he decided that was an avenue for success. One of the saddest things, and the reason he got fired, is that he had to be a robot. He had to be this bland, boring, completely colorless person during press conferences, and that wasnít Todd Haley. I do think he went overboard last season trying to be himself. That beard and nasty hat were his way of saying, ďIím not your robot anymore.Ē

Thereís some level of revisionist thinking, but they kept talking about Pioli and Haley as this perfect marriage. These guys are enormously different people. It was funny for a while. Thereís this fastidious, careful guy with his initials embroidered on his cuffs. And then the guy who, honest to God, had to borrow a necktie for his opening-day press conference.

I think Haley got some juice and got tired of being their puppet. A lot of luck led to the 2010 playoffs, and he misinterpreted it as some level of destiny. And he decided he wouldnít follow the Chiefsí insane rules. Professionally, and for sure personally, Iíve never seen anybody spit in the face of a set of rules like that.

I remember I was stunned when he approached me in the public-relations office. It wasnít in an interview setting. I was thinking like I have to think in my job. Seconds after he talked to me, I went straight back to my computer. I wrote the lead, basically what was in the paper. It was the craziest thing Iíve ever seen as a reporter. Iíll probably go the rest of my career and not have such a candid moment, a moment like that, especially with an NFL head coach. It exemplified just how far heíd been pushed, that rare moment of being completely naked."
- Kent Babb On Todd Haley

pretty good interview, more on the link

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Stop, Chiefs
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