View Full Version : Chiefs I don't think we should make any changes

10-15-2012, 11:39 AM
Every moment, I am checking to make sure that neither Pioli nor Rac has been fired. I will hate it if they are. Let's face it. Our absolutely best chance to win the Super Bowl is with Pioli, RAC, and Cassel. I mean that. Wholeheartedly. Those three are the keys to success.

I am confident that, at this point, no one here thinks I mean their talent. Don't we all agree that the only way to win as a franchise is by all three of these people leaving and us getting the #1 overall pick (Geno Smith)?

Well, I'm terrified that there WILL be changes to the leadership with this team. We do NOT need another late-season rally from a team suddenly invigorated by fresh blood at the QB position. We do not need a competent interim head coach to step in and start preparing this team to be at least competitive. Too many things can happen, and if this team is within a touchdown in the fourth quarter, some asshole might Phillip Rivers their way into a Chiefs win. We don't need that crap. We still have to lose to the Browns, the Colts, and the Raiders TWICE.

Our best chance at a super bowl is with a GM that knows how to scout and retain talent, a head coach who understands the modernity and future of the game, and a QB who is able to make plays when the game is on the line. Our best chance of getting all three of those is by keeping Pioli and Rac until the end of the year.

Sure, Pioli could fire RAC now. Sure, Clark Hunt could fire Pioli. And those things would be great. But if the Raiders end up drafting in front of us... God help us all. I won't be able to watch Geno Smith torching defenses in a silver and black jersey, knowing that we could have had him in red and gold if only we hadn't won some jackshit game late in the season.

TO CLARK HUNT: We are currently in last place in the league. The future is in your hands, dude. All you have to do is lose, and then the future will be whatever you want.

Our life is in your hands, dude.