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Jesse jr.....reelected just last week. bummage. But he could cell up with any number of locked up Illinois politicans.

CHICAGO (CBS) – A former U.S. attorney representing embattled Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is negotiating a plea deal with the federal government, CBS 2 has learned.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine has the exclusive details.

The plea deal would end Jackson’s 17-year career as a congressman representing Chicago’s South Side and suburbs.

At least some jail time would appear to be inevitable for Jackson, the son of civil-rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and spouse of Chicago 7th Ward Ald. Sandi Jackson.

While Jr goes to sit in the corner, the daddyrabbit wants the payoff....http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/11/10/jackson-black-voters-deserve-a-return-on-election-investment/

The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Saturday said that President Obama’s reelection was “a great victory,” but that it would be incomplete with a reconstruction of urban America and an investment in the communities where the blacks who voted overwhelmingly for the president live.

“We’re happy and full of pride,” in the president’s reelection, Jackson told the crowd at the Saturday morning forum at Rainbow/PUSH headquarters, 930 E. 50th St., “but our houses remain raggedy … our schools remain closed.”

Despite attempts at voter suppression in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, Jackson said, blacks turned out en masse to vote, enduring waits that stretched into hours in many places. “We waited, we voted, we believed,” Jackson said. “Now we want to get well.

“We voted early, we voted long. Our votes won,” he said.

Rev. Jackson, who spoke longer, louder, and more forcefully than he has in some time at the Saturday morning Rainbow/PUSH meeting, asked the crowd, “What do we want? We want, we want, we want, we deserve, we deserve … a return on our investment.

“What’s good for us is good for everybody. What’s good for blacks is good for everybody.,” he said. “We bled too much, we died too young, we cried too much, we prayed too long, now we want a return on our investment.”

Referring to those voter suppression efforts, he said, “these acts of meanness had unintended consequences.” Rather than keeping blacks and Latinos away from the polls, voter ID measures and the curtailing of access to the voting booths made people more determined to vote. “Suppression became stimulation and people fought back,” he said.

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Voter suppression in Ohio? I saw an article claiming one in five votes were fraudulent. And another on Diebold errors before the election.

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When does the killing part start?

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The what?

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The what?

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Ok true story time.\

At the bottom of my street their is a HUD house with a couple of no working Obama loving freeloaders & their 5 kids. They are the only peeps in the Hood with Obama campaign signs in their yard. Kids walking to school in the mornings had been stealing them & defacing them. These peeps called the school to complain & every kid took a note home from school asking to make sure if it is your kid have them stop it.

Here come the fun part of my story

So im watching Tv when they call Ohio for Obama & about a minute later I hear lots of fire crackers & these HUD losers yelling out side. 4 MORE YEARS! 4 MORE YEARS. this went on for a couple minutes, fircrackers & the chant. Well everything settles back down
& i go out side about 5 minutes later to get something out of the car. I see a huge orange glow coming from that house. The entire back wooden porch went up like a can of JP8 & caught the back of the house on fire. It took several fire trucks to put it out.

I shouldn't laugh but i did i did