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12-13-2012, 05:03 PM
The year's 20 weirdest stories from Florida, America's weirdest state

At the intersection of the absurd, the unbelievable, the SMH and the WTF you’ll find Florida. It might be the water, it might be the humidity, it might be the hurricanes or the constant threat of death by gator, but chances are, if you are reading about some really cray cray s**t, there is a strong likelihood it took place in Florida. Welcome to the Sunshine State, a place where fantastical things happen with clockwork regularity, and where weird is a way of life. Above are a selection of images that encapsulates the magical strangeness of 27th state, the best of the Year in Florida. You can read more via the links below, ranked in order of gallery appearance.

School says teacher made kids wear dog 'cone of shame' (http://now.msn.com/school-says-teacher-made-kids-wear-dog-cone-of-shame)
Florida drunk driving suspect has craziest mug shot ever (http://now.msn.com/florida-drunk-driving-suspect-has-craziest-mug-shot-ever)
Cops say they've nabbed Florida's notorious bra bandits (http://now.msn.com/cops-say-theyve-nabbed-floridas-notorious-bra-bandits)
Florida governor mixes up phone sex line with meningitis help line (http://now.msn.com/rick-scott-florida-gov-mixes-up-phone-sex-line-with-meningitis-help-line)
Anticlimactic sex blamed for alleged attack on boyfriend (http://now.msn.com/raquel-gonzalez-attacks-boyfriend-over-bad-sex)
Giant-eye mystery solved, Internet heaves a sigh of relief (http://now.msn.com/giant-eyeball-mystery-solved)
Atheists use 'unholy' water to unbless Florida highway (http://now.msn.com/atheists-use-unholy-water-to-unbless-florida-highway)
You can make $76,000 a year scaring birds in sunny Florida (http://now.msn.com/you-can-make-dollar76000-a-year-scaring-birds-in-sunny-florida)
Jesus' face appears on power box in Florida (http://now.msn.com/jesus-face-appears-on-power-box-in-florida)
Shrimp boat finds ex-football player's leg floating in Florida (http://now.msn.com/shrimp-boat-finds-ex-football-players-leg-floating-in-florida)
Teacher quits after alleged interest in student 'boobage' (http://now.msn.com/teacher-quits-after-alleged-interest-in-student-boobage)
Cops use Taser on man for trying to put out fire in his house (http://now.msn.com/cops-use-taser-on-man-putting-out-fire-at-his-house)
Cop fired for using patrol car to move mattresses (http://now.msn.com/cop-fired-for-using-patrol-car-to-move-mattresses)
Cops say they caught car thief on run when she had the runs (http://now.msn.com/cops-say-they-caught-car-thief-on-run-when-she-had-the-runs)
Impatient driver cuts in line, blows up gas station (http://now.msn.com/impatient-driver-cuts-in-line-blows-up-gas-station)
Manatee joyrider caught on camera turns herself in (http://now.msn.com/manatee-riding-woman-sought-by-police-in-florida)
Here's why fans shouldn't use a mirror to apply their face paint (http://now.msn.com/florida-state-football-fan-puts-on-her-face-paint-backward)
Police kill naked cannibal who was chewing off a man's face (http://now.msn.com/police-kill-naked-cannibal-who-was-chewing-off-a-mans-face)
Prom-goers surprised to find X-rated event in same building (http://now.msn.com/prom-goers-surprised-to-find-x-rated-event-in-same-building)
Cat casually strolls through Univision weather report (http://now.msn.com/cat-strolls-through-univision-weather-forecast)

40 most insanely weird things that could only happen in Florida

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off the front page in less than an hour. There is some funny those stories.

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Tell me where I can sign up for scaring birds.

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off the front page in less than an hour. There is some funny those stories.

to be honest, about all of those stories have already been posted here...you're lucky you haven't been bombarded w/q's.;)

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I'm kinda glad the Gigantic Eyeball is nothing to worried about...I was having nightmares about Big Trouble in Little China.

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I hate you guys :cuss:

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