View Full Version : Return to Glory

01-14-2013, 07:27 AM
Great to see the Draft Forum where it always should be. Can't wait for the annual CP Mock to continue my ownage of the aforementioned.
That being said, I've been afflicted with an NFL Draft obsession since the 80's and it started on Mondays. I used to get the annual NFL Draft flu to miss school and watch ESPN's coverage. Yes, once upon a time ESPN was watchable.
Since that time I remember only one draft where the first pick was so underwhelming(Hello, Russell Maryland). A fine player to be sure but he never moved the needles in terms of buzz and hype.
Of course, this perfect storm of the Chiefs having the first pick, new coach and GM coincides with this uncommon NFL Draft. With this new regime in KC the one thing I can rest assured in is that they will stay true to the board.
Staying true to the board can just be another term of rhetoric but since Dorsey learned at the foot of Ron Wolf I'm at least comfortable that there won't be another Tyson Jacksonesque pick.
The next few months will be very interesting. In my best Bane voice,"Let the games begin!"