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03-11-2013, 11:53 AM
This has been in KC for decades. My dad used to pull me out of school in the 1960s. We'd go to Municipal Auditorium, always on Friday, and watch both the day and night session. A full day of marathon basketball, usually eight total games.

I've gone just about every year since.

Now I just do the Friday day session. Three or four games is usually enough for me. And since NCAA Division 1 and 2 have expanded since the 1960's, the quality of play in NAIA isn't as good as it was back then. But it's still a fun day. On Friday, everybody in the tourney has won at least one game. It's single elimination, so these kids play their asses off. I have a group of buddies, and we've all gone together for years. We have breakfast at a diner, get down to Municipal around 9:30am, then stay until around 4 or so, then go have drinks and dinner. Sure beats working on a Friday.

How bout you? Anybody else going?