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04-06-2014, 11:05 PM
Opening statement: Well, we didn't do anything in FA beyond replacing Tyson Jackson with Vance Walker and signing/re-signing a few back-up players. Not much has changed as far as the needs on our roster because of this. Our lack of action during the FA period means that our FO truly believes in our in-house options and their ability to draft well. We'll sign a few more players once cuts start happening but I wouldn't bet on those guys to be key contributors on this team in 2014, we won't get first dibs like last year.

Contract extension(s):

1. Eric Berry - 5 years, $42 mil with $17-25 mil guaranteed. It's a move to lower his cap number for the future and also lock down one of our budding stars more than anything else. This move has to happen if we are to extend the following couple of players.

2. Alex Smith- 5 years, $70 mil with $30-40 mil guarantee. Very team-friendly deal for a good starting caliber QB, one that I would think that both sides would be happy with. Smith gets his guaranteed years and the Chiefs get a reasonable cap number to work with. Why such a low price compared to guys like Cutler and Romo? Alex Smith is a guy who drives to work in his Chevy Tahoe; he wants to win more than anything at this point of his career and will settle for a below-market price as long as the guarantees are there for him to remain as the incumbent starter.

3. Justin Houston - 5 years, $60 mil with $25-35 mil guaranteed. This will likely get done in 2015, probably at the cost of cutting either (or both) Hali or Flowers loose. The possibility of signing Hali to a Suggs-like extension also exists as well.

I believe that all 3 of these players will be key cogs in the foreseeable future of the Dorsey-Reid era.

To the Draft: I'll be using the Fanspeak draft simulator with Walter Football's Big Board to assist in this portion. Obviously, if someone unrealistic like Barr, Mack, Watkins, etc drops to our pick I won't take him.

Rnd. 1 Pick 23, Chiefs Select: Odell Beckham Jr, WR, LSU


Combine Numbers: 5'11", 32 3/4" arms, 198 pounds, 10" hands; 4.43 40 yard dash, 1.50 10 split, 38 1/2" vert, 10'2" broad, 3.94 SS, 6.69 3-cone drill.

I'm sure that everyone is very familiar with this prospect by now given the amount of attention that he's been given on this board. I took Odell Beckham Jr. here over Brandin Cooks because I believe he has much higher potential as a future #1 WR than Cooks does. He'll fit very well in the slot for us during his rookie year and should be able to almost double the production that Dexter McCluster had in the same position. Beckham also has great special teams value. With his abilities, he's a great fit for Reid's offense and has the potential to eventually line up outside and be groomed to replace Bowe within a few years. The future looks bright for our WR core if Jenkins continues to develop and if we manage to bring Beckham into the fold as well.

Videos of him can be found here: http://draftbreakdown.com/players/odell-beckham-jr/

Rnd. 3 Pick 87, Chiefs Select: Marcus Smith, OLB, Louisville


Combine Info: 6'3", 34" arms, 251 pounds, 10" hands; 4.68 40 yard, 1.57 10 split, 35" vert, 10'1" broad, 7.48 3-cone (7.08 at his pro-day), 23 bench reps.

He's the future replacement for Hali and should be able to come in as a situational pass rusher as a rookie. I'm really high on Marcus Smith's potential as a future pass rusher for our defense. He needs to do a better job with his hand usage and converting his speed and explosiveness into power. He's a former HS QB who has great size and athleticism with lots of potential, the perfect prospect to groom behind Hali.

Videos of Smith, if you are unfamiliar with him, can be found here: http://draftbreakdown.com/players/marcus-smith/

Rnd. 4 Pick 124, Chiefs Select: Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice


Combine Numbers: 6'0.3" tall, 31 7/8" arms, 193 pounds, 9 5/8" hands; 4.38 40 time, 36.5" vert, 10'2" broad, 6.62 3-cone, 4.04 SS.

Phillip Gaines has all of the physical tools that you look for in a #1 CB. Good size and length, great speed and quickness, can mirror just about anybody, etc. However, he also has a lot of things that he needs to polish up before he can be a quality starting caliber player (press technique, physicality, improved angles, tackling technique, discipline in coverage, overall consistency). He also only faced lower level competition while at Rice and had a couple of injury issues prior to 2012 and was suspended for a game against Texas A&M in 2013. I would take him here for his raw physical skills and great potential as a future #1 CB to eventually pair with or challenge Cooper.

Videos of Phillip Gaines can be found here: http://draftbreakdown.com/players/phillip-gaines/

Rnd. 5 Pick 163, Chiefs Select: Zach Kerr, DT, Delaware


Combine Numbers: 6'1 3/8" tall, 32 7/8" arms, 326 pounds, 9 3/4" hands; 5.08 40 time, 1.72 10-yard split, 28.5" vert, 8'3" broad, 7.93 3-cone drill, 28 bench reps.

Much like Poe, Kerr is a big man who possesses tremendous movement skills and a great motor for a man of his size. Kerr has the quickness and explosiveness of a good 3-tech with the body of a NT. He offers pretty good pass rush potential on top of his potential as a 2-gapping NT. He needs work on his technique and needs to work on the consistency of his pad level. Kerr gives us someone to give Poe a break on the field.

Rnd. 6 pick 193, Chiefs Select: Trai Turner, OG, LSU


Combine Numbers: 6'2.5" tall, 34" arms, 310 pounds, 9 1/2" hands; 4.93 40 time, 1.72 10-split, 27.5 vert, 25 bench reps

In all honesty, I expect Turner to be gone by the 5th round in the actual draft. I would probably take Matt Patchan in his place. However, in the event that Turner really is there at this pick, I would take him for a few reasons. He is a young player with great upside and will be a 21 year old rookie. He plays with a nasty demeanor and is very athletic with long and powerful arms to latch onto defenders. He'll be welcome competition for our starting RG position with Johnson, Watkins, and Kush. He is one of Mayock's top rated OG prospects in the draft.

Videos of Trai Turner can be seen here: http://draftbreakdown.com/players/trai-turner/

Rnd 6, pick 200, Chiefs Select: Dezmen Southward, Wisconsin


Pro Day Numbers: 6'0.2" tall, 211 pounds; 4.38 40 time, 1.50 10-split, 42" vert, 10'4" broad, 4.37 SS, 6.50 3-cone drill.

If there were such a thing as the classic Dorsey pick, Southward would be it. He has good size and did fantastic in testing drills at the Wisconsin Pro Day. So why didn't he blow up in college? The answer is simple, he lacks experience. Southward only had 1 year of high school football experience before going on to play at Wisconsin. Because of this, his mental game is far behind in development in comparison to his physical abilities; this makes him appear much slower on the field than he should be, seems to play at 80% because he is unsure a lot of the time. At worst, Southward will become a solid special teams contributor with his raw physical abilities. If he manages to put everything together and develop his instincts, he has more than enough physical ability to excel at the position.

spanky 52
04-07-2014, 05:33 AM
I like it except you didn't draft a swing tackle. I want Beckham but fear he won't be there at 23.

Sandy Vagina
04-07-2014, 06:17 AM
Strong doubts that any of these guys fall as far as you have them, but if they did? This is a great outcome for the Chiefs. Some of my favorites in here being OBJ3, Marcus Smith, and Gaines.


04-07-2014, 07:41 AM
I like it except you didn't draft a swing tackle. I want Beckham but fear he won't be there at 23.

I would have taken Patchan in the 6th or Schofield in the 5th but I feel like neither of these guys would be able to unseat Jeff Linkenbach as rookies in the swing role. So I decided to go elsewhere instead and add competition to our questionable RG position. I also wanted to draft a FS earlier with one of our first two picks but the value just wasn't there in the 1st or 3rd round. If Beckham isn't there, I would go with Lee although I am very wary of him; older prospect who struggled with catching the ball last season and it's a technical issue, not just on his QBs. I'd almost rather take Matthews or Moncrief over him because I think they have superior pro-potential over Lee. I would rather take Josh Huff in the 4th over Lee in the 1st and go somewhere else with that pick in all honesty.

The Franchise
04-07-2014, 09:19 AM
I'll take all of it.

04-07-2014, 10:43 AM
It's a good collection of players. I don't know if half of them last to where you're mocking them.

04-07-2014, 10:48 AM
It's a good collection of players. I don't know if half of them last to where you're mocking them.

Blame Fanspeak and Walter Football's Big Board for that, lol.

04-07-2014, 05:06 PM
I'm starting to believe you might not get Trai Turner outside of round 3. He's rocketing up boards since I put him in my mock. Deservedly so in my opinion, he's one of the most talented interior lineman in the draft.

I've seen about the same with Phillip Gaines after teams were able to start working him out.

So, I'm not knocking you because I had both later in my last mock, but figured I'd share. I fully expect both to go much earlier than estimates had projected. A few years ago I started mocking Shea McClellin in round 5, and by the end of it I had him early round 2. He ended up going round 1. Don't be surprised if these guys show similar ascents through the process.

The Franchise
04-09-2014, 12:52 PM

04-09-2014, 04:26 PM
great draft OP