View Full Version : Rison: "I play for the Oakland Raiders, and to (heck) with the Kansas City Chiefs."

08-21-2000, 09:50 PM

08-21-2000, 09:54 PM
Well, this is to be expected. He can talk all he wants - let's see him back it up.

Don't think it will take much energy to hate Rison's guts....

08-21-2000, 09:59 PM
I'm certainly ready to wear my I hate Andre button at anytime!!!! Spiderman huh, what a punk.

08-21-2000, 10:01 PM
Too bad he doesn't have a Chiefs SB ring to through in the Bay. What a pr!ck.

08-21-2000, 10:20 PM
Maybe he'll celebrate his new contract by having drinks with Sebastian!

He may keep dropping the ball in big games, but he'll never drop the soap afterwards!

Ugly Duck
08-21-2000, 10:23 PM
I think it's classic that Rison signed with the Faiders.

Boy, I sure am gonna miss him . . . . . . . . . . . NOT!!!!

Memo to Andre: Try and avoid the late night clubs in Oakland.

Michael Michigan
08-21-2000, 10:24 PM
The reception at Arrowhead will be interesting... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif

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Ugly Duck
08-21-2000, 10:33 PM
Joe: Personally, I don't think the fans at Arrowhead will care all that much. Oh I'm sure they'll be some booing, but come on, the guy had 21 catches last year. He was about as integral to our team as mayonnaise is to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And the year before that wasn't much better.

I, for one, could care less. I won't boo him. He's not worth my effort.

(okay, well maybe just a little boo. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

Michael Michigan
08-21-2000, 10:36 PM
TBT, I see your point, but if Galloway came back to Seattle this year....:mad!! He would probably be roundly booed.

He had what? one touchdown for us last year?

08-21-2000, 10:38 PM
The only thing I hate is that he knows our offensive scheme this year, which is why I feel the Raiders wwent after him.

Hopefully that is the one thing that doesn't bite us.

08-21-2000, 10:53 PM
He's more likely to become SJ's girlfriend than a thorn in KC's side!

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Ugly Duck
08-21-2000, 10:56 PM

You mean he's going to tell the Raiders we're going to run the ball up the middle and pass occassionally to Tony Gonzalez . . . . Da#n him! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

(wondering if there's any team in the NFL that doesn't know our offensive scheme)

08-21-2000, 11:00 PM
Is "**** " really censored here?

We'll see... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

08-21-2000, 11:03 PM
TBT - Something like that, I just don't like spies going to other teams. He also knows our defensive schemes. Luckily we have their ex DC, so it should break out pretty even.

08-21-2000, 11:05 PM
BTW the censored words are not my own particular preference ... but this IS a public site. I'm willing to listen to any suggestions on this topic...but it might be a good idea if everyone just emailed me instead of starting a debate on terms like **** you and **** for brains.

08-21-2000, 11:09 PM
My opinion mayor maynot be a popular one, but I have never seen reason for vulgarity.

There are some words that are relatively harmless, and there are others that have different levels of meaning to different generations.

If I have a vote, I say no vulgarity. Period.

prefers a classy bb...

Ugly Duck
08-21-2000, 11:12 PM
morphius: sorry, I couldn't resist an opportunity to be sarcastic.

But seriously, I see your point. However, I think the Chiefs knew ahead of time they were going to cut Rison, so he probably hasn't seen much of anything we'll be using in the regular season(other than your standard runs, etc.). Plus, if you've noticed, a lot of the plays we've run in the pre-season will probably not be used in the regular season. It looks like there has been a lot of experimenting and evaluating. I don't think Gunther wanted to tip his hand, if you will.

08-21-2000, 11:16 PM
One example of how not to be censored:

If you feel the need to drop an "F" bomb, just start the word with "ph" instead.

Ugly Duck
08-21-2000, 11:17 PM
To follow up GM Luz:

I find that most people that use vulgarity only do it because they can't think of anything more intelligent to say.

Now, if anyone has a problem with me saying that . . . well &%$# you! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif


08-21-2000, 11:17 PM
TBT - I could read the sarcasm dripping from the post, gave me a little giggle. I think a good amount of what we did will show up in the regular season, but I know we still have only seen a couple runs by TRich, which seems odd.

Luz - I agree.

j molina
08-22-2000, 05:33 AM
I can think of at least 5 reasons why I won't miss Rison...
1 - Off the field troubles/cancer
2 - Younger guys get to play
3 - He can pout all he wants to in Chokeland when he don't get the ball
4 - He's older than dirt/slower than pond water
5 - He'll have the opportunity to perform in the excellent manner for the Faiders that he did for us last year (what was it 21 catches for......0 TD'S?)

08-22-2000, 05:40 AM
Anybody want to buy a Rison-Chief jersey? hehehe I don't think his presence will provide anything more than off the field embarrisment for Oakland (practically what that franchise is for). He must have given Big Al a boner or something. We heard his whole thing about being in the best shape of his life LAST year. Maybe he plans on topping his performance with 20catches and 1td.

j molina
08-22-2000, 05:47 AM
One problem though...he probably folded up the playbook and took it with him to Oakland (in his shirt pocket). Now the Faiders will know BOTH of JRayes plays......DOH!

08-22-2000, 06:07 AM
Is he still claiming his best WR in the NFL title?

Like TBT said, this guy hasnt done jack in two years.

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08-22-2000, 07:35 AM
Rison has been, in the last several years, the master of the 5 yd. reception. He's got no wheels anymore. This will be a move we will celebrate for years. The fact that he went to the Raiduhs makes it all that much more satisfying to be able to punish his scrawny bottom 2x/yr (albeit, he will be out of the NFL after 2000, IMO)

08-22-2000, 07:45 AM
Dale Carter didn't help the Broncs beat us...so I don't think Rison will help the Raiders beat us...besides by time he plays here he'll probably be in jail...there is a lot of trouble he can get into in California...

Now, if he has a great year, will everyone, even the ones that wanted him gone, start saying CP made mistake...probably, but realistically Rison has maybe two or three years left...less if he keeps getting in trouble...and I like the idea of getting Lockett and Parker and Morris some time...Rison would have been our starter at the expense of the development of the young guys....**** Rison...and the horse he rode in on...

"I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather...Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car." (j. handy)

08-22-2000, 07:47 AM
58 forever is Joe Jr, correct?

Quest to be a non-lurker.

Dr. Red
08-22-2000, 11:23 AM
Well when you figure it out, please let me know.

08-22-2000, 11:40 AM
Rison blows.

My guess is he'll have one catch in two games against us.

I have said from the start of camp we should be getting rid of him. I can't stand multi millionaires that can't get themselves into shape unless they are motivated by the unemployment line.

Kurt Surber
08-22-2000, 11:44 AM
It will be intressting to see if he keeps up his spider man act.

08-22-2000, 11:46 AM
I allways hated that act. Even more pitiful was in 98 after injuring his hamstring he gimped over to the goal post to do his schtick...


08-22-2000, 11:48 AM
Maybe Janikowski will don the Superman outfit, and Rison can adopt a Lois Lane alter-ego.

"Help me, Superman!" http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

08-22-2000, 11:50 AM
More fitting for the Superman outfit would be Gannon wouldn't it? http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Kurt Surber
08-22-2000, 11:52 AM
Wonder Woman would have to fit in there some place. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

08-22-2000, 11:54 AM
When Rison was having his fluke year in '97,
didn`t he say that he wanted to finish his
career with the Chiefs? He used to say how great the fans are. What a loser. He`ll be sorry when he brings his *** back to Arrowhead. I remember when Harvy Williams left-when he came back he wasn`t treated so nicely. This crybaby really needs to grow up.

...wondering if Denise is going to jump on the Rison bandwagon now

08-22-2000, 11:56 AM
Wonder Woman = Left Eye, or right nut, or whatever she's calling herself these days.

Maybe she'll wrap that lasso around Andre's neck!

08-22-2000, 11:58 AM
LMAO...isnt that the chick that burned down his house in Atlanta?

08-22-2000, 12:00 PM
oops my bad...I guess I'll wait until late night to add new features.

everything ok now. Sorry about the 2 minute hiccup.

08-22-2000, 12:00 PM
I can almost hear it now......
"3rd and 10 for Oakland, Gannon drops back, here comes the rush, he throws over the middle to Rison, OHHHHH! what a hit by Woods.
Rison's laying motionless on the grass, as the Arrowhead faithful roar with approval"

Ugly Duck
08-22-2000, 02:37 PM

Your last post to me regarding Rison read "Like TBT, this guy hasnt done jack in two years."

HEY, I resent that! I've accomplished a few things in the last couple of years. I've . . . . . well . . . . and then there was the time . . . . ummmmm . . . . . hmmmm??

Oh, nevermind.


08-22-2000, 02:40 PM
LOL...sorry bout that. It did read funny. I fixed it.

08-22-2000, 02:45 PM
To hell with Rison now, he is with the

Ugly Duck
08-22-2000, 02:46 PM
KCTitus: No problem. I got the meaning behind what you were saying. Like you said though, it did read pretty funny. :*