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05-17-2002, 08:26 PM

Here's Jayson Stark's latest column on ESPN..halfway down the page he talks about the Pena hiring.

Was Tony Pena the right man for the Royals' job when Buck Showalter was available?

We surveyed a couple of scouts who have covered Pena's teams in the minor leagues, and this was a general review:

"The best thing about him is that he's unbelievably positive and he's able to communicate with each individual. He got a lot out of people, the way he worked with them one-on-one. ... Tony never has a bad day. He's always smiling. He instills a lot of confidence in the people around him."

On the other hand ... "His organizational skills were not real good. He has to learn more about running a game. ... He was pretty good at handling pitching. His managing improved a lot. But he still has a ways to go."

Nevertheless, as someone who knew Showalter as a manager and got to know him better from working with him at ESPN, we find it stunning that Showalter hasn't drawn more interest with all the jobs that have opened. There can't be a man alive more prepared to manage than this guy.

There isn't anything about managing he hasn't thought about -- from how you pitch the cleanup hitter in the eighth inning to how you develop your No. 1 pick in the Gulf Coast League. And as much as we love Tony Pena, Showalter would have helped the Royals' organization in many ways.

"Their whole organization needs to be revamped, throughout their farm system," says one scout familiar with their system. "They need a five-year plan to rework that entire organization. Their good pitching prospects just have not developed. They hit Double-A and Triple-A and stall. They could use a thorough organizational philosophy. And that's where Buck would have been outstanding."

But as one GM says, "I like Buck. In fact, I would be interested in hiring Buck. But whether he likes it or not, he's got a reputation. So he's going to have to admit he's got that reputation and be able to assure people he's changed and he's learned from his mistakes."

Well, if that's all it takes, the Buck Showalter we know is more than ready to do all of that. In the meantime, that ESPN gig beats selling hot dogs.

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I had to bump this just to get one post in it

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Of course it's a record, it was the oldest thread I could find with 0 replies.

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This thread's pretty good now. Your pizza is in serious jeopardy.

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