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07-25-2002, 02:07 PM
I've been to a couple of games where Byrd pitched this year and have seen these guys. I think they said they all just graduated from one of the Blue Valley High Schools. One of the coolest things is that Byrd always acknowledges them during or after the game. After a complete game three-hit shutout against the Angels, the first thing he did was point up to them.


Posted on Thu, Jul. 25, 2002

Little Byrdies migrated to Detroit

The fan club of Royals pitcher Paul Byrd flew north Wednesday.

The Byrd Nest -- a group of teen-age fans who have come to admire the Royals' most successful pitcher in 2002 -- didn't need to use their own wings to attend the Royals' game Wednesday night in Detroit. The Royals provided the airfare, game tickets and hotel accommodations.

"Paul was legitimately moved when he first saw the fan club," Royals vice president/marketing & communications Charlie Seraphin said. "So (Royals president) Dan Glass said, `Let's do something for them.' "

So six members of the Byrd Nest were in attendance Wednesday night to see Byrd pitch against the Tigers. The Byrd Nest, which usually is perched down the third-base line in the upper deck at Kauffman Stadium, knows that Byrd has an affection for it, too.

"The last game he pitched here, Paul sent them up bottled water. They couldn't believe it," said Michelle King, mother of 18-year-old Jeremy King, a member of the Byrd Nest.

According to Seraphin, members of the Byrd Nest wear beaks and feathers to games he pitches. When Byrd wins, he always salutes his Byrd Nest before leaving the field.

"Paul is a gentleman of the game of baseball," Seraphin said, "and the Byrd Nest definitely is loyal to him."