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09-08-2002, 06:19 AM
Due to exposure money cannot buy, IdahoJim helped set a record for ChiefsPlanet. His article at kcchiefs.com mentioned his love for our site. That (combined with the quickly approaching opener) has attracted 75 new registrants (in one day) to bring our total well over 1600. Who knows how many non-registered lurkers dropped by.

Thanks for checking out our site. There are a lot of good people here, including some rival fans. Several of our most "valuable" posters are Denver, Oakland, and Seattle fans. Perspectives are plentiful from Ultimate Homer to Jaded, pissed off Carl Peterson haters. There is really no such thing as off-topic on this BB; for it's a little community of instant friends who enjoy sharing opinions on more than just football. That's a minor adjustment for most newbies, but the banter is generally quite entertaining.

The members here range from player's mothers/wives/girlfriends(&wannabe's) to Jason Whitlock (bigsexy) and a newbie who sports the name "Insider" (his IP checks out to One Arrowhead, too). Christian Okoye has participated and Dan Saleamua reads (he claims his fingers are too fat to type) We have actors, comedians, authors, artists, & musicians. We also have a vast array of IT professionals - this place has been a veritable helpdesk for 'puter problems at times. One of our members is also a DirectTV Wizard, so technical support regarding Sunday Ticket or DTV in general is at your fingertips (just shout out to Skip Towne or put DirectTV in the subject and he'll find you). We boast several servicemembers stationed stateside and abroad and we're proud of every one of them. This is a great place to chat about the Chiefs or whatever is on your mind. Please make yourself at home and drop us a post.

Disagreements are plentiful, so you can feel free to jump into the fray or ignore them. The moderators generally mind their own business and only step in under the most dire of circumstances. This is a troll free zone. Trolls are removed on sight.

The features on this board are impressive. Please modify your options to create an environment in which you are comfortable. If you screw up, you can generally recover quickly, or just ask for some help. Click on My ChiefsPlanet for more.

Welcome again - I just wanted to make an introduction of what to expect at this site - only a few of our members bite, but we're all nice to new people.

The ChiefsPlanet Staff & Members

p.s. The "Lurker" tag will go away after 30 posts and you can customize that area after you reach 100 posts. Feel free to add your own custom avatar at any time.


This guy is the biggest braggart on the face of the earth. I thought MC was bad. He should tell everyone how he needs to sabotage people & put up parody boards. He has to be the most pompous jackass I have ever run into. He wants that forum to be the best & he knows kc.com is right there with him. He bends over backwards to be as cordial as possible on that forum so that he can draw people over to the Planet, if even for just a minute.

MC bragged about being the best. But he was never underhanded about it. Nor did he ever post that his board was the best on his forum.

I'll admit I am guilty of saying that we're the best sforum for Chiefs talk on the net, but at one time I thought we were. See I don't feel that his claims have any credence. I do not like to talk about Al Qaida, the Pledge of allegiance, & the stack market. My old school approach to football will never go away. As I look around here, it disturbs me that this BB is so quiet when we have so many registered users.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days I'll hang it up. But not yet, men. Not just yet.

A Chiefs victory is all that matters right now.


09-08-2002, 06:27 AM
We now have hundreds of loyal users at my hardcore sight. The totel registered number of 54 is just a smoke screen so Phil can continue to have a big head. We have many famous and highly respected people who visit our forum all the time and have set up special features for them so they can remain anonymous. You would be amazed at how successful our little community is. I will make a list and show you at some point, but you can, continue to lose sleep over my success for now. I am far to busy with my successful business and opening day for Chiefs football. I also have a lovely wife and my arms are larger than yours!!!! LOL!!!!!

Clint in Wichita
09-10-2002, 11:41 AM
NEPAChiefs is a terrible site. You dummies should start following the Steelers exclusively.

09-17-2002, 04:54 PM
JD, you wouldn't even make a good generic D*CKHEAD !


Gracie Dean
09-21-2002, 11:00 AM
I like the diversity of the board. that is what makes it great