View Full Version : Why was Brunell still in the game late down by almost 30?

09-25-2000, 11:14 PM
What the hell was J-Ville doing have Scott Brunell still in the game for the last drive with his team down 43-14?

And fans wonder why key players get hurt and coaches make moves that don't make sense.

I don't get it.

John M.

09-25-2000, 11:15 PM
I have no idea what he was doing in there but I was happy. You see, he is my fantasy league QB and while I would hate to have him get hurt I loved him passing every play and getting cheap receptions and yards!


09-25-2000, 11:31 PM
It's all about pride, IMO. Brunell is the kind of QB that win or lose, will battle to the death for his teammates. If Coughlin had yanked him out of that game, I'm sure Brunell would chew his *** unmercifully.

Not disgruntled....yet.

09-26-2000, 03:47 AM
Who is Scott Brunell?

09-26-2000, 06:25 AM
They had Brunell in to get some yards for my FFL team. Me & Tom Coughlin have a deal worked out on the side. Luckily he got just enough yards to get me a victory.

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