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09-27-2000, 10:25 PM
Author Topic: Arrowhead Logo
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Kyle, I often read & contribute from work. However, it's becoming increasingly difficult because my boss is onto me. Anytime that big red arrowhead is up on my screen, I get a funny look. Is there anyway to remove it or perhaps shift it to the bottom of the screen? That was one of the things I liked about kansascity.com. There was nothing to indicate that I was screwing off, just some text up in my browser that made it appear as though I'm hard at work....
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09-28-2000, 07:53 AM
Ditto roger, I'm having more and more trouble at work myself. I dig this site MUCH better than KC.com, but I agree the top of page logo makes it more difficult for me to slack inconspicuously. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

Give TRich the Ball!!!</B>

09-28-2000, 07:57 AM
Bob Dole thinks the page header should be edited to look like an Excel spreadsheet.

09-28-2000, 08:00 AM
Actually, Cory - if you read Roger's response where this topic originally appeared, Roger is attempting to ridicule me.

I guess it's not such a ridiculous request after all, is it, Roger.

09-28-2000, 08:01 AM
I think it should blast out a Dr. Who wave file when connecting to it. <P>

09-28-2000, 08:01 AM
If anyone is REALLY worried about it, just go in to the internet options under tools and disable your picture and POOF, no more logo. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

09-28-2000, 08:03 AM
I second that, Phil. I have to be quick with the mouse to minimize the window many times.

That logo is dangerous.

09-28-2000, 08:05 AM
Bish -

That screws up everything. Thanks for the suggestion though!

09-28-2000, 08:07 AM
Bob Dole just closes his office door...

09-28-2000, 08:10 AM
Too bad we can't replace that Arrowhead logo with our company logo.

09-28-2000, 08:17 AM
Not really related, but since it's degenerated anyway, Bob Dole will bury it in here.

Bob Dole is evaluating an alpha copy of an unnamed OS that has those little "assistants" that pop up once in awhile. Here's what showed up this morning.


09-28-2000, 08:18 AM
maybe you could just add a "panic button" that goes to a spreadsheet or business site?

I work 5' from my boss and get away with it....just shrink your window to about 4".

09-28-2000, 08:33 AM
I allways just scroll down until it disappears. It's the easiest way.

09-28-2000, 08:37 AM
I employ that method as well. However, it's still a PITA. If the logo could be relocated it would be SO much easier.

09-28-2000, 08:42 AM
Bob Dole, could you send that to me at dawsonpam@hotmail.com<BR>

09-28-2000, 08:43 AM
Right click on the picture & save it.

09-28-2000, 09:37 AM
what's the big deal w/all these bosses??? jeeze, you'd think they'd be happy we all aren't out hitting the porn sites...but no. they're never satisfied.

09-28-2000, 10:05 AM
seclark - ROTFLMAO!

That's the funniest straight line I've heard in a while.

09-28-2000, 10:10 AM
the key word is "monitor"...when the boss comes in and asks what i'm doing, i alsway say, "i'm monitoring the net"
(never show'em your cookies)

kc hopeful
09-28-2000, 11:43 AM
I used to have a video game with a BOSS button. You just clicked it and it would pull up a fašade of word it had enough memory for about a paragraph. When the boss walked away you just clicked it again and you could resume your game where you left off.

09-28-2000, 11:57 AM
RCG: first time I saw that was in the first Leisure Suit Larry game. It had a fake looking graph on it, not really convincing, but was an interesting idea.

09-28-2000, 12:05 PM
i think it's important that you keep the back of your monitor facing the door of your office...that way, w/a good smooth mouse and a quality pad, you've got a few different options for changing what's on your screen.
never work on a machine, or drink in a bar w/your back facing the door.

09-28-2000, 12:11 PM
Those of us in corporate cubeland don't have much of a choice, now do we.

I bet I've got the acute hearing of a blind man though. When I hear footsteps, it's time to bring up some quick cover!

How pathetic is this entire conversation?!?
Has anyone considered perhaps we should just get back to work???

Ah, CHRIST!! I think I've been bwianwashed!

Give TRich the Ball!!!</B>

09-28-2000, 12:13 PM
LOL @ Cory! Hell no! Work? cmon man... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

09-28-2000, 12:13 PM
I have my own company. My studio is my home. I've caught myself at Chiefs Planet dozens of times, and have decided to fire me.

09-28-2000, 12:16 PM
Durt: now you'll have to pay yourself unemployement.

Speaking of Cubeland...

I had allways called it a cube 'farm' and when a noise that caused people to stand up and look around was called 'groundhoging'

09-28-2000, 12:25 PM

I'm with you brother. I am a Co-owner in an Atlanta based buiness (and I work out of Wichita), and I just recently (because of excessive time on the Planet) demoted myself to the lowest ranking job in my office.

Fortunaletly, I am the only person in my office. HEE HEE. Im sorry for you cubers, I've been there, and I ain't going back.

09-28-2000, 02:20 PM
Bob Dole

I didn't get the graphic. Do you have any other suggestions on seein it?

09-28-2000, 02:32 PM
Have you ever been to:
www.Ishouldbeworking.com (http://www.Ishouldbeworking.com)

its pretty cool and has a boss panic button.

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