View Full Version : What happened to the Dan Williams bashers?& When is Clemmons to return?

10-02-2000, 11:24 PM
The guy is playing his arse off!!! Although the run D needs to improve, he and Chest are consistantly collapsing the pocket, allowing the D ends to make big plays. When Clemmons returns, our D line could be one of the best in football!!!!


Duck Dog
10-02-2000, 11:26 PM
BTW, Clint & Cannibal...

I thought I saw McGlocton with a sack?

Could that be possible?

kudos to the d line pass rush...

10-02-2000, 11:31 PM
Hey, I like sacks any way KC can get them, but Glock was fortunate not to have been called for offsides on that play. He and DW both seemed to be a little lighter on their feet tonight...dare I say friskier? It almost looked as if a Twinkie was being dangled inches from their faces!

With that said, Hicks is the freaking MAN!! 7.0 sacks...1st in the AFC. If Clemons (remember him?) can come back after the bye and pick up where he left off, there will be some hurting QBs out there!

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Duck Dog
10-02-2000, 11:35 PM
I can't wait!

Hmmm... who's the second string Raiders QB?

it's qb crushing season...

10-02-2000, 11:37 PM
Wesley is going to HURT someone before this season's over!!

10-02-2000, 11:43 PM
Lucky not to be called offsides? He nailed the count. The replay showed he got off perfectly with the ball. That was a great, great play. Obviously, Kitna stuck with the same count to long. I think the D line played great tonight, we rarely blizted and still got Kitna six times!!


10-02-2000, 11:59 PM
It was VERY close...Glock normally lines up about 1/2" from being called offsides on every play.

Gun should find his favorite Dolly Madison snack cake, dangle one from his facemask, and turn him loose!