View Full Version : JQ sorry about your bets...

10-02-2000, 10:48 PM
Ouch. Lost your first bet by mucho, mucho points and your second one on the last play of the game. I feel your pain. See you at Arrowhead in 13 days....


10-02-2000, 10:52 PM
JQ's probably running from the bookies right now http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

BRING ON THE RAIDERS! This bye's gonna be tortuous.


Have I ever mentioned that I hate Denver?

10-03-2000, 12:12 AM
P.S. for those of you who don't know he bet the Hawks +4 and that Kitna wouldn't throw any INTs. That last play was sponsered by your friends at Chiefsplanet.com. Never bet against the red.


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Chief Henry
10-03-2000, 12:23 AM
Its RAIDA week for 2 WEEKS! Bring it on!

GO 49'ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-03-2000, 12:29 AM

Actually came out ahead.

~won 1st half
~lost game
~won on the over
~lost on Kitna's INT on the last play. The scrub!
~won Watters over 69 yards
~won TG catching a TD pass

~Just alot of real tiny plays to keep me interested.
Seattle had you guys sweating and you know it! hehe

Chief Henry
10-03-2000, 12:31 AM
I came out ahead also! I had KC COVERING the spread and picked the EXACT final score. (BIG $$$) Thank goodness Stoyo $UCKS! *grin*

10-03-2000, 12:45 AM

I don't mind you making money. In fact, I'm glad you came out ahead. I just wasn't crazy about your Hawk pick all week. Of course us KC fans were sweating, Seattle was running the ball and the crowd was ready to turn. It's amazing what one 73 yard play can do for a team! See ya in a few weeks!


10-03-2000, 12:50 AM
I was sweating this game. Seattle's ground game and the CHIEFS penalties...etc.
I picked KC in the "picks section"


10-03-2000, 12:55 AM

I picked Seattle because they match up well against you (nothing personal). KC matches up well with the Donks, and Oakland matches up with the Hawks....

Wish they had an over/under on offsides calls .