View Full Version : What was Holmgren thinking?

10-03-2000, 11:20 AM
Why didn't he use his timeouts prior to the 2 minute warning?

He should have kept Alexander in the game despite the fumble. He was averaging almost 7 yards a carry and Watters was loopy.

Wanna bet Holmgren uses those first round picks to grab a QB?

10-03-2000, 11:30 AM
The only explanation I could come up with is that it forced the Chiefs to keep playing, without the benefit of the sideline consultation that they might have expected. Holmgren may have figured it was worth 5 to 10 seconds of the clock not to have to face whatever play the Chiefs braintrust (Gun, Grbac and Raye aka "The Manhattan Project, uh Manhattan, KANSAS, that is") might settle on during a timeout.

10-03-2000, 11:33 AM
I was wondering the same thing about those timeouts. Holmgren must have been out taking a leak when they were teaching clock management at coaching school. Another mistake, IMO, was electing to have the Chiefs punt again after the holding penalty. That 2nd punt took an extra 11-12 seconds off the clock at the end of the game. Also, on the drive previous to Seattle's last possession w/about 4 minutes left, Seattle was using the entire play clock to get there plays off instead of being in the hurry up mode.

It looks I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!