View Full Version : Rufus Dawes is really John Proctor!

10-07-2000, 09:26 PM
Sorry John...Bob Dole couldn't resist.

See Rufus' <a href="http://www.kcchiefs.com/latest/mainnews.asp?cat=1">latest observation</a> regarding RBbC.

The Rick
10-08-2000, 02:52 AM
"Listed below are eight teams that topped 2,000 yards in total rushing, but had the lowest total from their leading rusher." -- Rufus Dawes

Ok, this guy is on crack. He's actually proving the original point correct... You can't win a Super Bowl without a good running back. He lists the eight teams, of which only one has been to the Super Bowl!

The odds really don't work to his favor do they? (1 in 35!)

I think Rufus is Carl Peterson or a close relative!

LD for KC
10-08-2000, 07:55 AM
Anderson had become the featured back by the latter part of the season. My memory is fuzzy, so I could be wrong, but I seem to recall Anderson battling through some early season injuries, which was the reason he wasn't featured throughout the season.
I think you're right, drpixel, he is proving the orignal point.


Red Eyes
Chinn Up.

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Chief Joseph
10-08-2000, 06:06 PM
This article proves what I have believed all along, that Dawes is nothing but a mouthpiece for Peterson. Only an unreasonable blind homer of a regime that has been unable to draft a dominant RB would defend rbbc. 35 SuperBowls and 1 winner without a dominant runner? Does Rufus prove his point? Who is not objective now?