View Full Version : Who wants to go to the Buffalo game with me?

11-16-2002, 12:17 AM
Suddenly, my wife decided she doesn't want to go to the game. She's going Christmas shopping instead. This is our first year with season tickets. Our seats are in section 334, row 12. They are in the endzone. There are 40 rows in the upper deck, so row 12 isn't too bad. We've been pleased with the location of our seats. The face value of the ticket is $48. If you want to go, just email me. Bring cash only. (A friend of mine tried to take a check from someone on a Chiefs ticket deal and he lost a lot of money) I'll meet you at the stadium around 11am and take you up to your seat. Or, if you don't want to pay for parking, I'll meet you outside the stadium and you can ride with me. I don't pay for parking. I park in a place that is off of Arrowhead property and they don't charge me. I've been parking there for years. It also makes it really nice to leave the stadium. I get out really easy. However, it is a fairly long walk to and from the stadium. It'll be kind of cool to go with another Chiefs fan that I've never met! Disclosure: I DON'T drink, but I don't tell others NOT to. It's your business. Even though you don't know me, don't worry, you'll have fun. The section that I'm in has some pretty cool fans. If you need it, I can bring you some binoculars.


I really want to go to this game. However, if no one wants to go with me, I'll sell both tickets. BUT, if I'm not going to the game, then I'm going to sell the tickets for more than face value. That is the only way that it would be worth my sacrifice. I'd sell the set for $170. I'll only do that as a last resort. I really would prefer to go to the game myself. If you want to buy the set, email me and I'll arrange to hand deliver the tickets to you in the KC area sometime on Saturday. Again, cash only!