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10-20-2000, 12:38 AM
Good Stuff--

10. To save taxpayer dollars, calls to winning sports teams will be made collect.

9. New rule at Cabinet meetings: You can't talk until you ride the mechanical bull.

8. Goodbye, boring presidential radio address; Hello, "Dick Cheney spins the hits of the '80s, '90s and today."

7. Make sure the White House library has lots of books with big print and pictures.

6. Just for fun, issue an executive order commanding my brother, Jeb, to wash my car.

5. First day in office, my mother's face goes up on Mount Rushmore.

4. Looking into hiring a security guard for our nuclear secrets.

3. Will not get sick on Japanese leaders like other President Bushes I know.

2. Give Oval Office one heck of a scrubbing.

1. Tax relief for all Americans except smart-aleck talk show hosts. <BR>

10-20-2000, 02:20 AM
Yeah I enjoyed the list, although he did seem quite nervous and stiff the rest of the show until the list. But I must admit, Dave seemed to be giving him a pretty hard time...

Chief Henry
10-20-2000, 08:18 AM
My favorite is # 7.

10-20-2000, 08:25 AM
It was the first time I've heard anyone follow up on Bush's vague answers and ask for clarification. Unfortunately, he just responded with more vague answers.

Duck Dog
10-20-2000, 08:26 AM
I wish I would have seen it. I kike his Top Ten though!

let's hear more analysis...

10-20-2000, 08:32 AM
Here's an opponents take on the appearance.

<a href="http://www.bartcop.com/dave-bu.htm">Dave and George</a>

Duck Dog
10-20-2000, 08:45 AM

Thanks for the info.


Garcia Bronco
10-20-2000, 09:23 AM
me likey: 8,7,6 and 4

it's obvious Dick Cheney is a party ANIMAL!

BTW...I think Letterman actually went rather easy on George. Dave could have really rattled him.

C.R. Pants
(That Damn Liberal)

10-20-2000, 09:44 AM
I liked when in response to No 2, Dave said, "A job for Cheney, huh?" And Bush nodded "Yup."

10-20-2000, 10:14 AM
BTW, anyone catch some of the funny stuff from that dinner last night?

Gore was introduced by the great-grandson of Smith, a Roman Catholic and four-term governor of New York.

"Your great-grandfather was my favorite kind of governor: the kind who ran for president and lost," said Gore.

Bush also mentioned Smith's ill-fated campaign, admitting, "It gives me hope that in America it's still not possible for a fellow named Al to be the commander-in-chief."

Gore also used his time at the podium to answer his critics, jesting, "I never exaggerate. You can ask Tipper or any of my 11 daughters."

Gore denied he was a policy wonk who was too stiff to relax and watch television.

"One of my favorite shows is 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' Well, it should really be called "Who Wants to Be After Taxes a $651,430.70 Person?'" noted the vice president. "Of course, that is under my plan. Under Gov. Bush's plan it would be 'Who Wants to Be After Taxes a $701,587.80 Person?'"

Bush looked out over the well-dressed audience and declared it an impressive gathering of the "have and have-mores."

"Some people call you the elite, I call you my base," he said.

Gore jokingly crowed about his strategy of using "real people" to illustrate policy points. "Like the woman who's here tonight, whose husband is about to lose his job. She's struggling to get out of public housing and get a job of her own. Hillary Clinton, I want to fight for you!"
http://www.cnn.com/2000/ALLPOLITICS/stories/10/20/al.smith.dinner/index.html <P>

10-20-2000, 01:32 PM
Post #5: He wants her on Rushmore AND the 1 dollar bill?