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08-23-2000, 12:15 PM
turn down the sound on the tv and listen to Mitch Holtus, Limber Lenny n Griggs?
Which play by play man do/did you like better, Holtus or Harlan?

yes, I turn down the tv and listen to the radio, it started because of Paul McGuire!
As far as Holtus/Harlan,I like em both, didn't think anyone would be as good as Harlan but Holtus has grown on me (even though he came from K-State, YAK!).

08-23-2000, 12:18 PM
Would love to be able to do that, but cant pick them up from so far away.

Anything would be better than Ian Eagle and Mark May--we had those as regular announcers last season.

08-23-2000, 12:22 PM
May and Eagle were punishment to have to listen to. Beasley Rease was just as bad. I wonder if he is on the the air again this year?

08-23-2000, 12:29 PM
I turn up the radio for every game. I have it right besides me on the couch. If
I feel I want to get the TV annoncer pespective of what just happened, i will
turn up the TV sound.

Chiefs Rock

08-23-2000, 01:00 PM
Bob Dole misses Kevin Harlan.

Oh baby what a play!

08-23-2000, 01:06 PM
Bob: me too...I was almost hoping that Harlan would land the MNF gig.

08-23-2000, 01:09 PM
i always turn the sound down and listen to the radio. lenny kinda gets on my nerves, though...

08-23-2000, 01:14 PM
I grew up with Grigs. However, when I listen to him now do the commercials(Price Chopper), I feel like I'm listening to a cheap used car ad! Sorry to say, I wish both he and Moon would retire.

The Captain
Lurking, but brutally honest

08-23-2000, 01:28 PM
I turn down the sound on the TV quite often,but out here in New Mexico I can't pick anything up on the radio.Silence is often better than having my intelligence insulted by some announcer.

08-23-2000, 10:21 PM
I love to listen to Lenny. And it's hard to argue with him when he's saying stuff like 'They've got to score when they get in the Red Zone' or 'Turnovers are killing 'em'. But my favorite Lenny Line is 'I go back to what I said before...(insert obvious, but correct appraisal here).

Hey, if Lenny sees it and even I can see it...why can't the stooges see it?

I miss Harlan, the K-state replacement isn't bad. But he never goes back to what he said before. So I'm stickin' with Lenny.

fortune favors the brave

08-24-2000, 06:12 AM
Ya gotta love Lenny. As far as I'm concerned, he is the only one who has the right to publicly criticize on the air. WHY? All he needs to do is slooooowwwly turn his hand and flash his RING. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

Some days you eat the Bear...some days the Bear eats you....

08-24-2000, 06:19 AM
From listening to Lenny though you would have thought he never, ever made a mistake?


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08-24-2000, 06:20 AM
Hey will one of you people there in KC turn up the volume so I can listen too??
I D Ho is a long way!!


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