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10-23-2000, 04:02 PM
As Bob Dole sat in the terminal this morning watching the crew stow the luggage and go through the pre-flight checklists, Bob Dole began to ponder the unrealized potential of Matt Blundin.

Man, could that guy carry a clipboard! His uniform was always neat a clean, and his cap was never the slightest bit askew. Bob Dole can't remember any interceptions or fumbles, either. Great posture, too! And hardly even got tangled up the headset cords. A graceful man, he was.

We all know Grbac is just playing out his a$$ and it's only a matter of time before he throws an interception. Bob Dole hopes Gunther gets proactive and benches Elvis before he makes a mistake.

10-23-2000, 04:07 PM
YEAH, Grback could seriously screw this whole "winning" thing up. I hope he hurries the process up. I am starting to get leary. But, I would much rather the replacement be someone with more talent, say Stephen Hawking!!! YEAH!!!

10-23-2000, 04:07 PM
How very insightful, Bob! Don't you have a flight to catch? http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

10-23-2000, 04:09 PM
Bring back Ted White. He never got a fair chance. I think Gunther has something against White & Cloud. Like, maybe he was frightened we'd end up with a toiletpaper backfield someday.....

10-23-2000, 04:11 PM
Yeah. Saturday morning.

10-23-2000, 04:18 PM
I trust you'll be enjoying some of the local talent in the city of lights this week. I'll be there the first weekend in December.....

10-23-2000, 04:32 PM
Not much into the shows or revues. Watched most of the shows when Bob Dole lived here, and if Bob Dole wants to watch a woman take off her clothes, he'd prefer to spend money on dinner and drinks and have it happen in the privacy of the room.

10-23-2000, 04:34 PM
"Enjoying" the local talent would infer (IMHO) partaking, not viewing. Will you be enjoying some of the local talent?

10-23-2000, 04:40 PM
Matt Blundin? What are you talking about Dole? It's all about Mike Elkins...

10-24-2000, 09:06 PM
Bob Dole has no specific plans dealing with the local talent, Phil.

(Bob Dole pretty much burned all those bridges 4 years ago...)

10-25-2000, 05:26 AM
Actually, I preferred Mark Vlasic... nothing like a good QB named after a pickle.

Good point Mr. Dole, however, the whiners are getting fewer and fewer

10-25-2000, 05:48 AM
QBOTF is already signed........ Tom Clements, seems he had a very long term contract with Lamar

LD for KC
10-25-2000, 06:18 AM
Why not put Jimmy Raye in at QB. He's a Mich. QB in his college days, and he could call his own plays. With him, I see a SB on the horizon.


Red Eyes
Chinn Up.

[b]The SitCom must die!!</B>

Kurt Surber
10-25-2000, 07:13 AM
Yeah, I heard that Vlasic was running through the mountains in Gautemala or Venezuala [or some sh!+ like that] and was in the best shape of his life. Reports were that one could discern the beginnings of a "six pack."

I say we sign him, drop him, and hope the Faders sign him and bench Gannon.