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08-21-2000, 07:40 PM
''Can't nobody check me,'' Rison told reporters after his first practice with the Raiders on Monday. ''I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. I worked my tail off during this offseason. I came in here last night, got my playbook and was up until 3:30 a.m. (studying). I've rededicated myself not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.''

Uhh, sure 'Dre. And like you said, last year was your best year ever. Maybe if you make 19 catches this year you can top last year. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

Also Dan Pompei on the Rison release:

The Chiefs' release of receiver Andre Rison has been in the works since last season, when Rison began to show signs of age. He went from being a difference maker to a possession receiver, and the Chiefs didn't want to cut or sit a young receiver in order to keep him.

Chiefs management also figured if Rison had been asked to accept a lesser role, he would have become a problem. Even as a starter, he was known for being mouthy in the locker room and constantly late. . . .

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08-21-2000, 07:42 PM
Edititng is coo... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/cool.gif

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08-21-2000, 07:45 PM

I really don't understand all the panic about Rison going to the Raiders. I was ready for him to get cut after last season, and now that Morris is in camp, he was highly expendable.

I didn't see him getting much if any seperation last year, hell, I think Dishman could probably cover him across the field one-on-one. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif Plus, I hope he tries a crossing pattern underneath...can you say Andre, let us reintroduce you to Mr. Patton and Edwards. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

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08-21-2000, 07:46 PM
Da Wolf - You can edit your posts... merely click on the paper icon above the post you wish to correct and go to town.

BTW - I have complained about Rison for 18 months. He is an albatross around the neck.

08-21-2000, 07:50 PM
**** you're right! Still used to the other format, hadn't noticed.

I agree with both you and Wolfman. If carl felt he had anything left to be a threat, why release him knowing he'll go straight to a division rival? Furthermore Pompei's comments imply that the Chiefs basically had to start Rison otherwise he would really start becoming a problem.

I'm anxious to see the Cat on the prowl...<P>

08-21-2000, 09:00 PM
Rison will slip down the depth chart rapidly or be cut mid-season. Whether it be for off the field problems, or no production doesn't matter...one, if not both, will happen.

Fort Chief
08-21-2000, 09:03 PM
I've been looking for a definite confirmation that he signed with the Raiders. Are we sure this is a done deal?

08-21-2000, 09:09 PM

This is as good a confirmation as I can give ya... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

Fort Chief
08-21-2000, 09:11 PM
Well I guess that says it all. LOL