View Full Version : Stock must leave immediately. If he doesn't resign.....

11-05-2000, 06:28 PM
I will post a topic daily until the end of the season on every Chiefs board I know of. He's a complete failure.

11-05-2000, 06:42 PM
Just give us the URL's and we will follow you and do the same

Fat Homer
11-05-2000, 06:59 PM
Kphob--&everyone else--

I've come to the conclusion that firing Stock (and I've been on that bandwagon for 2 yrs now) won't solve our problems. Did anyone else notice how we lined up on punt coverages? How we didn't have defenders back to cover their return man like they did ours? How we over-pursued blindly when their players were breaking for big gains? Anyone notice our guys standing around flat-footed at the end of a play? I could go on, but why bother?

Our coaching wasn't the best today (inability, as usual, to utilize screens and slants...blah, blah, the same ole…) , but the player’s execution was pathetic. I don't know how to explain our LB's--sad, sad...
O-line wasn't much better. Thank God Grbac is still in one piece. Bennett—I was hoping he would be out for the season. Oh well, RBbC is truly dead—We have NO running attack whatsoever.

On the other hand, good for Elvis getting the short yardage-keeper TD. Good for Gonzo getting his record 100 yd receiving day—he deserves it. Good for DA having another big day and being on his way to the Probowl. T-Rich also came to play to the very end. Should have used him more.

On the other hand, you can take cold comfort that it was the best team in the AFC that beat us solidly today--Arch rival or not, they played an excellent game today-We did not.

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Chief Henry
11-05-2000, 08:16 PM
The Chiefs have improved in a number of places over the past few seasons. However, the ONE place they have NEVER played a complete game is on Special Teams. Today was no diferent. When we needed the Special Teams to show up - Oakland busted a big return that led to their 2nt to the last TD. Stock should be FIRED, not for this game alone but because of the FACT that our Special Teams are consistently pathetic. That is the one constant.