View Full Version : Is Tomorrow Moon's Last Football Game?

08-24-2000, 11:30 AM
It could very well be.

Moon will be jockeying around for 2nd or 3rd QB behind Elvis and that decision will be based on the outcome of his playing time vs Tampa. Should Warren have a bad showing then Todd Collins will lock-up the #2 slot (barring a last minute waiver wire pick-up).

Seems unlikely to me that Moon will accept being 3rd string and may very well opt to retire. Of course it's possible that he would try to become another team's back-up, but I don't see it happening.

So tomorrow could be Moon's NFL finale.
Thoughts, one way or the other?

08-24-2000, 11:32 AM
Not much for me to add, Fla... You've hit the nail on the head re: my thoughts on the subject.

Fat Homer
08-24-2000, 11:34 AM
I doubt it... he's the best QB we have behind Grbac. I know some people may think he is actually better than Grbac, but none of them came to this board, right? there is an IQ minimum here right? http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/tongue.gif

Collins has played like total poop! Poop I say! White hasn't fared any better... he needs another year or two in NFLE. If it were my decision, Grbac & Moon would be 1,2 respectively - and I'd make a trade to San Fran for Tim Rattay (but that's just me) http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

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08-24-2000, 11:38 AM
What I want to have happen, is for us to keep the better of Moon/Collins and release the other one along with White (put white on the practice squad) ~ and then pick up a long term project on the waiver wire.

What I think will happen, is that weíll keep White and release Collins unless Moon really stinks up the joint tomorrow.

We just need a decent long term project top come availableÖ<BR>

08-24-2000, 11:39 AM
Moon should be the #2 QB, IMO.

At least I don't cringe every time he drops back to pass!

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08-24-2000, 11:40 AM
I'd still love to see Bishop in red and gold...with a new coordinator, of course.

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08-24-2000, 11:40 AM
Luz - Don't we already have that long term project with Elvis? http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

08-24-2000, 11:40 AM
Bob Dole would like to take this opportunity to chant:

Rattay! Rattay! Rattay! Rattay!

Bob Dole is glad to have that out of his system...

Tribal Warfare
08-24-2000, 11:41 AM
I think that moon will end up being the back up based on his experience in the nfl. If he had to replace elvis because of injury, i think it would take a couple of games to shake off the rust because of the inactivity and getting comfortable with the starting unit. The age factor will hamper his play and durability but his knowledge of the game may still be the best thing he has to offer during a real game. Do you trade for a back up quarterback at this stage or do you go with what you got?

Fat Homer
08-24-2000, 11:42 AM
Clint - it'll never happen! NE knows what they have in Bishop - a darn good, athletic backup QB. Plus, Peterson would never allow Bishop in KC because it would stir up another huge QB controversy.

08-24-2000, 11:42 AM
H_C Chief--

Moon's light years ahead, mentally. The problem is mobility.

I thought Collins played "decent" (but no better that that) after he settled down vs Jax, but I'm not comfortable w/ him. He hasn't taken a regular season snap in 3 years and it shows.

My opinion on your last take: No more S.F. imports. Can't we at least use one other NFL team as a farm club?


Fat Homer
08-24-2000, 11:43 AM
Glad to see there are others who appreciate future talent! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

/me tips hat at senator Dole

Fat Homer
08-24-2000, 11:45 AM
Fla - Rattay hasn't 'officially' become a San Fran commodity yet. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

The kid is going to be awesome - he needs to be somewhere other than a team that thinks Jeff Garcia is a viable option!!

08-24-2000, 11:45 AM
Rattay hasn't been there long enough to be considered a S.F. import...

Rattay would be a nice addition this year, to take full advantage of Martha Raye's replacement's offense next season.

08-24-2000, 11:48 AM
I like Rattay, too. Was hoping we'd draft him. I'd rather have him that one-dimension White.

08-24-2000, 11:55 AM
Moon will be the back up this year, maybe #3 i think it all depends on Collins not Moon.

08-24-2000, 11:57 AM
Granted, Rattay couldn't be considered a niner cast off until he plays a season...

That should be punishment enough!

The Blessed Virgin Larry
08-24-2000, 12:04 PM
Moon should be the backup again this year. White should get the boot. Both Moon and Collins should have gotten a chance with the first team for a fair evaulation. Don't fret because the Chiefs "know" what their doing especially at QB!

08-24-2000, 12:15 PM
Does it bother anyone else as bad as it bothers me that we have never been able to tutor a young QB, a fresh project?

What is it with our coaching staff that they are unable to bring a project QB to fruition? And I refer to the coaches past and present going back...I don't know exactly how many years.

Bad luck in our QB choices? Could be, we've had some losers come in here--but that can't explain all the years of drought. Or do they just not think it's worth the time and effort to try in the days of F.A.? (How to explain the Ted White Project, then?)

Are home grown QB's something we must always do without? Does any other team in the NFL have a more dismal record at this?

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The Blessed Virgin Larry
08-24-2000, 12:18 PM
Fla Chief,
YES it bothers me also. Maybe, just maybe it would be a good thing to hire a QB coach that has actually played QB in the NFL!!!
What a novel idea!

08-24-2000, 12:22 PM
Moon should win the backup job. Neither Collins nor White has stepped up so......Moon is the man

Fat Homer
08-24-2000, 12:23 PM
Hehe - yeah TX, I think that'd be a good start! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

I had a problem with the Marty regime - and their inability/unwillingness to develop a QB. However, that regime came to an end in '99 when Gun took over. I liked the move with White - as did most other KC fans. We took a chance (very small one, but a chance all the same) on a young QB & sent him off to Europe. He hasn't panned out & probably never will ($1million velocity, but poor aim & gets rattled). I do not take that as a sign that Gun & Co. are just going to 'give up' on developing a QB -- I take it as what it is - we tried, it didnt work, so we'll try again.

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Mark M [BornChiefs]
08-24-2000, 12:45 PM
unfortunately, I think moon will be the #2 this year, collins #3 and ted can look forward to a rewarding career in the XFL.

I'd like to see Moon as the QB coach next year and bring in some new talent...top to bottom at QB...But you know Elvis will be in the building. I don't hate Elvis, I just believe he would make a quality backup.

08-24-2000, 12:50 PM
Hey all, Hows your day?
IMO, i think that moon should be given the back-up job. Collins has a decent arm, but makes poor decisions under pressure. White...boy, where should we start? He is constantly passing into heavy coverage, and should have more INT's than he does.(We have been lucky!)We should definitely look for a new QB in offseason!
Hoping Elvis stays healthy!

08-24-2000, 02:22 PM
Hey HC - sorry, but no one checked my IQ at the door and I got in! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif And I'm carrying my autographed Moon jockstrap with me! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

Seriously, last year I made a case for Moon being a better QB than Grbac, and well, we never found out. This year I'm not so sure anymore (haven't seen him play at all) - time may have caught up with him.

BTW, Florida Chief our current QB coach (Tom Clements) DID play in the NFL (one year with the Chiefs in 1980).

Kokanee (formerly aka Reality Check)

08-24-2000, 02:30 PM

Welcome to the Planet.

Clements is one of the reasons I have hope for Grbacís continued improvement. Grbacís weaknesses are in the mental game, and perhaps someone who has been there and done that can help him improve his decisions under pressure.

realizes he's putting a lot of faith in an ex-QB.<BR>

08-24-2000, 02:48 PM
Thanks, Gaz - it's good to see your keen and intelligent analysis, no doubt borne of your wonderful profession, here on this board too! (Yeah, I'm an engineer too http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif)

But regarding your faint hopes for Clements and Grbac - well, don't hold your breath. I'm one who believes more in the nature side of the nature/nurture argument when it comes to QB. And regardless of how well Tom Clements performed under pressure in his career (and believe me, I saw it first hand, many, many times up here in the CFL), I think there is precious little he can do to impart the same ability to EG. I think he can help him a bit with reads, technique, drills, conditioning, etc., but what goes on between the ears when 300 pounds of man mountain is bearing down on you is pretty much unteachable. Sorry, JMHO.

- not wanting to throw a bucket of cold water in only his second post

08-24-2000, 03:43 PM
IMO, it is not necessarily fair to the Chiefs organization to say they are unable to develope young quarterbacks. Somebody on this BB that is a statistics nut, tell me how many QBs are drafted or signed as rookie FAs each year. Yet only 1 or 2 new QBs TYPICALLY in a year take over a club in the NFL. Its like cold selling, you gotta get 10 nos to get a yes. Granted, you would think over the years that the percentages would catch up with us. Maybe if we go 3-13 like some are suggesting this year, we will get a chance to pick a can't miss QB (like Leaf http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif) with the first or second pick next year.


08-24-2000, 03:53 PM
If Collins is just rusty in game situations, then keep him. If this is indicative of what he can do, keep him until a better candidate comes by on the wire. Moon should be the #2 on game experience alone.

White goes to the practice squad.

When you play games close to the vest like the Chiefs, your backup QB never plays. The 49ers would blow someone out 28-0 at half and the #2 or #3 would work in the 4th quarter.

Anyone seen Steve Stenstrom???

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08-25-2000, 06:37 AM


And you could be right about Clements. It is a slim hope, but it is the only hope I have. Unless Grbac drastically improves his pocket decisions this season, we will need a new QB in 2001. We have no QBOTF candidate, so we would be starting from scratch again. Itís true that Clements wonít add any gray matter twixt Grbacís ears, but hopefully he can help Grbac get the most out of what he has.

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08-25-2000, 07:30 AM
Does anyone actually believe that, even if they find Rison guilty of writing bad checks, he will serve any time?...of course not, he's a celebrity...he'll make restitution and pay a fine and get probation...I wonder if this will change the Raiders opinion?...of course not...Al Davis is the biggest fool in the NFL...If Rison is released by the Raiders...I will gain some respect for them...not much...but some....

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