View Full Version : 0-4 preseason history revisited...

08-25-2000, 07:49 AM
There is an article in the Star about tonights game with TB. It states that during the 90's there were 15 teams that went 0 for the preseason. Only 2 had winning records during the regular season.

History says we need a win tonight.

08-25-2000, 09:10 AM
Guess I'm the only one concerned with this.
We'll see come December, but as poorly as we have played so far, I don't see us being an exception to the rule. I think our first units need to really step it up tonight.

Fat Homer
08-25-2000, 09:12 AM
Factor in this year is an EVEN, and we're pretty much screwed!

(dripping with sarcasm)

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08-25-2000, 09:16 AM

It does concern me too somewhat. But, whatever about the final result tonight, what you said in the last sentence sums it up. The first teams need to show up and dominate (or at least hold their own) IMO.

I am hoping for:
<LI>a consistent pass-rush (not relying on blitzing)
<LI>blitzing to be effective when it is done
<LI>Browning to push Dan Williams out of a job, by pressuring up the middle - pity Chet can't play with him tonight.
<LI>a confidence building game for Warfield against Keyshawn (maybe an INT?)
<LI>Elvis to hit his receivers, alternative TEs (i.e. Drayton)

08-25-2000, 09:17 AM
I would be concerned about preseason if Gunther was concerned about preseason.

This is not blind acceptance of whatever Gunther does. I have made my doubts about him quite clear. This is an acknowledgment of the fact that what I think about preseason doesn’t matter. Personally, I think we should put more emphasis on timing with the starters and less on player evaluation, but Gunther disagrees. Since he is HC and I am not, his vote counts.

As long as Gunther sees preseason as a time to evaluate personnel and shrugs at questions about wining, then there is no sense in getting excited over preseason losses. If we suck in preseason and then shine in regular play, Gunther’s POV will be vindicated. If we suck in preseason and go on to suck in the first regular season game [see Chicago, 1999], then perhaps Gunther will change his mind about preseason.

Until that time, I waste none of my precious fretting time over a win or loss in preseason. I reserve my fretting for our pass rush.

How’s the arm?

conserving his fretting resources.<BR>

08-25-2000, 10:00 AM

Regardless of Guns position, in sports it is tough to buck history. Heck, nearly everyone here says the Raiders will fold this year because they always do (because it their history).

The arm is improving daily, but will take about 3 mo. to be normal. Messed it up real bad. Tore legiments, tendons, muscles, nerves. Am rehabing it now (never was in a cast) and have about 50 degrees more to go to be able to straighten my arm, and can only bend it to 90 degrees, so I have a ways to go the other direction also.

08-25-2000, 10:36 AM
The most important thing in the Preseason is not to get hurt. I think we have been really lucky.

Last night I watched the Cowboys run Wiley a ton in that game. Why can't we do that with Mike Cloud? I want to see what he can do. And the safe way to d it would be in the preseason. If he sucks them let one of the older RBs get the carries in the Season.


Baby Lee
08-25-2000, 10:46 AM
I don't know what to make of this preseason. And like Gaz said Gun will be vindicated if indeed a different Chiefs team shows up for Indy. I'm not overly concerned at this point but a win would be nice. Especially it would get the Donkey fans off my back where I live. (A pilgrim in an unholy land)<BR>