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11-27-2000, 10:49 PM
Do you recall the last time KC displayed the level of intensity these two teams are tonight? Both have little chance of making the playoffs, yet they are making huge hits every play, striving for that extra yard, giving up their bodies, and giving every fiber to the game. Too bad we haven't seen that level of effort from our favorite team since the Rams game....

As a sidebar, where do other teams find their backup RB's? Is it mostly their offensive line or are their backup RB's better than anyone in our committee?

11-27-2000, 11:02 PM
The Chiefs are definitly lacking that intensity. It was the same under Marty many years, very business like but not very intense. It is the issue I have with the line "act like you have been there before", I want my team to be intense and put fear into other teams. I want them pumping each other up, not just standing around.

11-27-2000, 11:06 PM
I don't like watching professionals. I like watching guys that LOVE playing the game of football and just happen to be talented enough to get paid to do so. Maslowski is that kind of player. Sadly, I can't think of many beyond him on our team. That's REALLY sick.

11-27-2000, 11:10 PM
Kloster - I think Hicks might be, Wesley could be. I'm not sure who on Offense really fits it, Morris might, he seems to try to make every play a TD.

11-27-2000, 11:13 PM
Thanks for refreshing my memory. When I'm this down on my team, my recall fails me. It's still pretty sad that we can only name 4 players on the whole squad when there are 22 on the field at all times tonight....

11-27-2000, 11:16 PM
I want to add that I love Lockett on returns, the guy goes with wreckless abondon. They should take Cloud or Parker off of kick returns and put Lockett. Cloud pauses and gets knocked over and Parker has yet to learn the correct way to hold the ball.

11-27-2000, 11:17 PM
Speaking of Maz - in the Chiefs yearbook he talked about being a kid here in Northern Wisconsin and going out and building tackling dummies out of snow and ice when he was a kid to practice tackling. Amazing. http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

11-27-2000, 11:22 PM
Kloster - The problem is that the guys we made are not the ones pulling down the money, the guys pulling down the money are the "businessman". I understand your level of frustration, I could have gotten some cheap tickets and stayed out in SD a couple of days longer and rush the trip home, but decided that we were going to lose and I didn't need to see it live.

Some other canidates, Gonzo, Edwards, Alexander, and Grunhard.

11-27-2000, 11:22 PM
We used to do that in Iowa, Wis. Seriously. I guess we just didn't do it often enough....

11-27-2000, 11:25 PM
You can drop Alexander from that list, Morph. He's a natural and the sad thing is that he knows it. If he'd work half as hard as Jerry Rice or Walter Payton in the offseason, he'd be a lock to take many of Largent & Rice's records. I respect his natural ability but very little beyond that. He's a disappointment to me.

11-27-2000, 11:28 PM
I used to build tackling dummies out of snow too. But I was short and slow. :)

Lockett at KR would be a good idea. Every time I see Cloud take a return I cringe because he bobbles the friggen ball EVERY time!

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11-27-2000, 11:28 PM
To Derrick Alexander's credit, he really busted his *** in the Buffalo game. Our offense wasn't exactly prolific in that one, but he was really sacrificing his body and making some great plays, at a time when our offense really needed a spark plug.


11-27-2000, 11:29 PM
Kloster - The only reason I mentioned him is because after they dropped Rison it was a given that he would have to step up and take leadership of the other WR's and be the #1 receiver on this team. I think he has done both well, and have heard little things from here and there stating that. His work ethic may have some issues, which has also been said. I listed them as possibles because they have the ability to do it, now they just have to step up and start doing it.

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