View Full Version : Does anyone think Carl will walk away?

11-28-2000, 11:51 AM
He may head to Houston, despite his comments that suggest otherwise. If he does, would you select as his replacement?

A) Tom Donahoe

B) Jeff Diamond

C) Bill Polian

Any one of these guys would be an exceptional GM, IMO.

Kurt Surber
11-28-2000, 11:53 AM
Give either Schottenheimer [Marty, not the pretender], Cowher, or Gibbs [in that order] both GM and HC duties.

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11-28-2000, 12:04 PM
Gibbs, maybe, but I think he's having way too much fun watching his car make left turns.

IMO Marty and Cowher, especially Marty, are too old-school. This team needs a whole new outlook, not more of the same run, run, defense, defense crap we've heard and seen for 12 years.

11-28-2000, 12:05 PM
The only name I see that is realistic is Diamond. Polian isn't leaving his current job until he's milked the SB ring and he's in the best spot for that currently. Pottymouth would just incite more player rebellion because he's another hardcore disciplinarian. Gibbs has stated he is a racing team owner and has no desire to return to the NFL. I'm all for giving Diamond an opportunity. He's been involved with 2 successful organizations recently and is superb in player development/assessment.

11-28-2000, 12:08 PM
doesn't HOuston have a GM already? or is it just the president they have lined up

11-28-2000, 12:10 PM
Yes, it's Casserly.

11-28-2000, 12:12 PM
http://www.nflscoop.com/cgi-bin/displa y.cgi?page=newsbody.html&id=20001122065037853756000000&teamid=20000715234252258641000000&linktype= (http://www.nflscoop.com/cgi-bin/display.cgi?page=newsbody.html&id=20001122065037853756000000&teamid=20000715234252258641000000&linktype=)

I'm also intrigued about the Grbac situation. I'd seriously consider letting him walk, rather than pay him $10 million or extending him (putting off the inevitable) again.

I believe Casserly is just the president of the Houston franchise.

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11-28-2000, 12:15 PM
Here's the Texan's website. It lists Casserly as GM.

11-28-2000, 12:18 PM
NFLScoop really lives up to the name...I didn't know the St. Louis Cardinals were World Champions of anything lately.

Political Observer
11-29-2000, 05:06 AM
You're right, NFLScoop does live up to it's name. Did you notice that in speaking about the Houston GM job, it mentions "former" Colts GM Bill Polian.
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