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Clint in Wichita
08-21-2000, 10:00 PM
I know the old board at kansascity.com wouldn't allow too much length therefore you couldn't cut and paste news stories from the KC Star and other online editions. Let's see if this works here. If so, just another plus for our new forum


Rison on his way to play for Oakland Raiders
By STEVE CORKAN - Knight Ridder Newspapers
Date: 08/21/00 17:55

ALAMEDA, Calif. --Free-agent wide receiver Andre Rison is expected to sign with the Oakland Raiders today, two team sources told the Contra Costa Times Sunday.

Rison, 33, was released by the Kansas City Chiefs last Monday and was immediately contacted by the Raiders. Talks heated up toward the end of the week, and a one-year deal should be consummated today.

"He's on his way out here right now," one Raiders source said Sunday night.

Rison has not signed a contract with the Raiders yet, the same source said. The two sides agreed to the parameters of a deal and will iron out the details once Rison arrives. That is expected to take place today, and Rison might even practice if all goes well.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden's job detail doesn't include negotiating contracts or signing players. Therefore, he wasn't in much of a position to comment on Rison. "There's a lot of speculation surrounding Andre Rison," Gruden said after practice Sunday, "and I don't want to fuel any speculation or say anything that I can't back up. We've looked at his situation, his availability, the thought of what he would do for our football team. We've done that with a lot of players that have become available. We'll do that with virtually everybody that becomes available.

"We're working hard with the guys we have. We're trying to get Jerry Porter going; he's an exciting prospect. And David Dunn has really turned our head this week with his performance late in the game against Dallas and in the game against Detroit. So, we are looking into it, but I'm not going to speculate any further than that."

Rison's adviser said the deal with the Raiders is the realization of the receiver's career-long dream.

"It's really a good fit for him," Charles Tucker, Rison's adviser, told CBS SportsLine.com. "The Raiders are one of the teams Andre always wanted to be with and now he is, so he's happy about this. He wants to go out there and light things up and then be a free agent again next spring. He's in the best shape of his career, so he should be able to play a few more years."

Rison likely will challenge incumbent James Jett for the starting spot opposite Tim Brown. Coincidentally, Rison's and Brown's career numbers are almost identical. Brown has 770 receptions for 10,944 yards (14.2 average) and 75 touchdowns in 12 seasons with the Raiders. Rison has 702 catches for 9,599 yards (13.7 average) and 78 touchdowns in 11 seasons with Indianapolis, Atlanta, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Green Bay and Kansas City.

Rison spent the past three seasons with the Chiefs. Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon was with the Chiefs in Rison's first two years. Rison needs only 49 receptions to pass Charlie Joiner and Michael Irvin and move into 10th place all-time. He is a five-time Pro Bowler. <P>