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12-02-2000, 09:57 PM
I'm torn on my fantasy lineup this weekend. Below are the only positions that matter. I'm having trouble determining whether I should start Moore, Hoover, or Anderson and Thrash, Proehl, & Brown. A little help would be appreciated. FYI, this is NOT for a BB league.
Moore, Jerald RB
Thrash, James WR
Proehl, Ricky WR

Anderson, Jamal RB vs. Seattle
Hoover, Brad RB vs. STL
Brown, Troy WR vs. KC <P>

12-02-2000, 11:29 PM
I'd go with Jamal (weak Seahawks run D),
Troy Brown (same weak-azz D + Drew Bledsoe at QB), and Thrash (Johnson's back and Thrash has been heating up lately)

lookin' like a genius fer gittin' Robert Smith & Culpepper

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