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The Prez
03-24-2003, 01:41 AM
You have infringed on my enjoyment of Chiefs Planet in the last few days. But as you said, that's what you set out to do.

Whether you think I'm a fraud or my teeth are discolored, or whatever other personal insults you can think of, I will never stop thinking highly of myself. I'm saying that because I think for some crazy reason you think that you are lowering my self esteem. Talk to Phobia, & he'll explain to you how highly I think of myself. We had an interesting little conversation last night about how I see myself. I told Phobia in the beginning that just because I was allowed here that didn't mean that if the opportunity to settle a score came about, I wouldn't act on it. Moving on is one thing, Elvis. But you & a few others have taken things too far.

As I said in one of my other posts, you're the one lying in the bed. I told many people the same thing many times, & that was that they are lucky that they live such a great distance from me. Attacks to my wife & my character only perpetuated things. A perfect example of it is your actions toward me in the last week. You've done nothing but dig yourself a hole. Phobia & some of the rest claim that they want to put it to bed. I could live with that. And being a rational & educated person, I realize that some things were said that can be forgiven. Most of us agreed that carrying this feud on is not prudent.

Before I wrap this up, I just want to tell you that whether I am banned from the planet or not, unless you show me that you would like to put the past behind, there will be an open book as far as you're concerned. Remember when you said "RIP NEPA" back in July? You didn't think there were consequences to that, but 3 days later another board went down. A board that houses a few friends of your's that post on the Planet. None of what you & your friends have done have gone consequence free. Yes I could have done it differently, & I will take half of the blame. But I came to the Planet like a gentleman, just as I spoke with Phobia, Austin Chief, & addressed the rest of the fans here. I don't think either of us could ever be friends FE, but as I said before, I would like to move on & forget the hard feelings that I have toward you if you are willing to do the same. You claim you're not afraid of me. That's great; I don't expect you to be. Nor am I afraid of you. I said I had your name, & I am going to wait before I tell you. I'm also going to try not to post your real name on this public forum or any other.

I'm hoping that we could come to an agreement. Just so you know, if I am banned from this forum, there can be no such agreements. When you say that no one can find out about another person FE, you are wrong. I want to be done finding out about people & feuding. But others don't want that. They see your's truely as a threat. The only reason that I get disrespected by little twirps as much as I do is because of the fact that internet allies are few & far between for me. I notice when someone else jumps in the fray, be it here or in the past, there's a lot of silence & no one is quick to engage. Kind of like taking advantage of the fact that I am only one. But that one has caused more havoc than anyone could imagine. That one has taken the battle OFF the internet & deservently so caused a lot of problems for certain people. One doesn't take those actions out of selfishness & ignorance. One has to be pushed into such a spot. If we have to argue right & wrong, I'd be here forever. I'm posting this on the Petty Board Disputes for everyone to see. If they don't already know, I would like to tell them that I don't want to fight or engage in this nonsense any longer. We all know there are people out there that don't want this to stop. They have empty lives & this childishness is all they have. For those people I would like to ignore. We could call eachother "puppy", "doggie", "poodle", or whatever other ridiculous names we can think of until the cows come home.

I respect you for the fact that you think your actions are justified. You feel what you're doing is just, the same way I felt I was just in the past. Feuding on the internet is getting boring now. At least as far as I'm concerned. My wife saw some of the material posted earlier today, snickered, & went about her chores as though it didn't even matter. To be honest, it didn't even get the rise out of me that it used to. The only thing that angered me was the fact that it was still going. As far as I'm concerned, the sooner it ends the better. I'm hoping you can be somewhat civil in your response. As I said, we can insult eachother & name call until the cows come home. It's only going to get me fired up to cause you problems, & it's only going to get you fired up to cause me problems. The question I asked myself, I'll ask you: Do we really need it?

Be well, Elvis. I'm sure there's some decency in you somewhere.