View Full Version : What are your feelings on the Panthers, Cowboys, and Giants?

08-26-2000, 01:49 PM
These are the only other teams this year to go winless in preseason. Good company or bad? I haven't seen any of them play this year.

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08-26-2000, 01:57 PM

I haven't seen these teams play, but I try to keep up with personnel issues etc. out of general interest. FWIW, the obvious link I see between these three teams is poor defense (esp in the secondary), and unfortunately the Chiefs are right there with them.

The Panthers looked like a playoff team about a month ago and since have been hit as hard as anyone with injuries (Deon Grant, Jeffers etc). Their D-line signings "reek of desperation" according to one sportswriter. I couldn't agree more. The Cowboys have obvious strengths to their team, but most of those are on offense. They are going to get burned big time this year and will have to score a lot to keep up. Do they have CBs other than 3 rookies (Larrimore, Edwards and ??). The Giants I know least about, but they have just signed a CB who was...........get this........cut by Minnesota last year, and cut by SF lately having been FIFTH on their depth chart! They are hoping he'll be their nickle back! C'mon!

Right now, I don't see any of these 3 teams making the playoffs, but Carolina still have an outside chance. I predict 6-8 wins for each.

08-26-2000, 01:59 PM
FWIW, other defenses that have looked horrible in preseason are GB and Minnesota as well as our Chiefs. There might be a logjam of teams with 6-8 wins!

I have to run, and probably won't be logging on again til tomorrow. Good thread.