View Full Version : What Prevents this whole mess from happening again and again and again

12-09-2000, 01:40 PM
How do we prevent this whole Barbara Streisand from happening again in future elections....Rules don't mean a thing any more.

12-09-2000, 01:44 PM
Henry - Hope springs eternal. The US Supreme Court is intervening as we speak.

12-09-2000, 01:45 PM
It probably wouldn't be too much to ask to come up with candidates that are profoundly different from each other, and some charisma wouldn't hurt either.

12-09-2000, 02:03 PM

The differences are Huge my friend.
Yur paycheck will look very different Too.<P>

12-09-2000, 03:26 PM
Henry! Watch your language! How dare you invoke the 'B.S.' name on this board... there may be children present!!! http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/tongue.gif

12-09-2000, 03:33 PM
Bush isn't going to accomplish much, if anything. He goes to Washington knowing that half the people in this country didn't vote for him....sorta like Clinton. Hardly a convincing shove for any of his mandates.

12-09-2000, 03:43 PM

I would ask you to pay close attention to your paycheck over the next several years.
Specifically if Busch can convince the
50-50 senate to go along with a Tax cut.

It will be more than a CAN of Coke.