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Duck Dog
08-27-2000, 04:07 PM
That's why the Chiefs will wear a decal of Thomas' No. 58 on their helmets, just as the club honored Delaney with a No. 37 patch in 1983.

"The way Joe died was so heroic and so tragic," said Tom Condon, a Chiefs guard during 1974-84. "For him to jump in the water and save one of the kids and drowned himself was a heroic thing to do, but I never thought he got his just due for what he had done."

Indeed, evidence is scant around Arrowhead Stadium that Delaney spent two seasons with the Chiefs. He's not in the Chiefs Hall of Fame, though another running back, Mack Lee Hill, who spent 1964 and 1965 with the club and died during surgery, was inducted in 1966.

"If there's a locker for Derrick Thomas, then Joe Delaney should deserve the same treatment from the Chiefs," Mackovic said.

Thomas, of course, spent far more time with the Chiefs, made Kansas City his year-round home and was a focal point on seven playoff teams. After Hall of Fame defensive tackle Buck Buchanan died of cancer in 1992, the Chiefs honored his memory by etching Buchanan's No. 86 in the turf near the 50-yard line for a season.

"As the season goes on, (Thomas' locker) will remind the guys who they're without this season," Lindstrom said. "When Buck died, the Ambassadors had reminders in our (tailgate) tent the entire season. We still remember Buck.

"They say time heals all wounds, but it may not completely heal all wounds, and I doubt it will here. There's definitely going to be a sense of loss here."

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