View Full Version : Our defense and will they let us down again?

Bob Dole
08-20-2000, 07:45 PM
What do you guys think about our defense this year? I haven't seen anything that is different based on last year's games with seattle where our defense let us down. I was really happy with our offense last year. If our special teams or defense would of been better than we would of been in the playoffs. I'm truly worried about whether our defense can gut check.

08-20-2000, 08:47 PM
I think it's too early to tell.

Last night the D line looked great and the secondary looked terrible.

Fortunately, I think most of it was mental mistakes. They should be corrected within the next two weeks.

I am much more concerned with STs.

did you see the jacksonville KO out the back of the endzone?...

Bob Dole
08-20-2000, 09:03 PM
Yeah that was pretty cool. I'm not worried about special teams cause I think we've solved that problem. I don't think right now we've solved the defense problem.

I guess it's always something. When our offense is inefficient the defense is awesome and when the offense is good the defense let's us down.

08-21-2000, 07:16 PM
Dr. Red,

This topic is still here. It is just on the second page of topics. (Well, now it isn't... but it was)

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 07:58 PM
Thanks austinchief appreciate it. I sure would like to hear the opinions of the other chief fans on this.

08-21-2000, 08:11 PM
The D will be OK if they can tackle, which is still my biggest question mark. Lew Bush is a big key. He is an excellent run stopper and can cover the TE. That would open up a lot of things for us if he can stay healthy and do his job. I think some of our inexperience in the defensive backfield could get exposed this year, but we should get stronger as we go on.

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 08:18 PM
I to am worried about our defensive backfield.

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 08:40 PM
Well guys I want some more opinions on our defense since it seems we have our special teams tightened up.

08-21-2000, 08:51 PM

Let's just say we need to see more of this...

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:03 PM
8. Heres to duane clemons having a great season.

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:05 PM
7. Here's to McGlockton staying healthy!

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:06 PM
6. Heres to Donnie Edwards having a pro-bowl season.

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:07 PM
5. Here's to Lew Bush being 1/12 the factor that DT was to Kansas City.

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:08 PM
4. Here's to Larry Atkins hopefully filling Reggie Tongues shoes!

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:09 PM
Here's to Eric Warfield stepping up and being better than Dishman.

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:10 PM
3. Here's to Dishman not getting burnt to much this year.

Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:10 PM
1. Here's to a season of inspired play dedicated to Derrick Thomas.

08-21-2000, 09:11 PM
I can't accept the fact that this defense does not have the talent to be dominant. Their lack of ability in my view points to poor coaching and no continuity.

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Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:11 PM
I'm no longer a lurker.......


08-21-2000, 09:14 PM
I'm hoping they let you guys down at least twice more during the *regular season*.


Bob Dole
08-21-2000, 09:18 PM
I'm sure you do. I hope terrell does well he's on one of my fantasy teams.

08-21-2000, 09:20 PM
MHM-Yeah and I'd like to get ahold of that tongue too, I'd make fish trap bait out of it. (I guess trash talking is allowed here?)

"Those who would give up a little freedom for a little security deserve neither."

08-21-2000, 09:21 PM
Trash talk is alive and well ... I hope!!

08-21-2000, 09:24 PM
I recommend that all Broncos fans maintain permanent LURKER status.

Seems appropriate, don't you think?

08-21-2000, 09:31 PM
I got hammered for saying our defense didn't do it's job several times last year. I think this year is showing we were showing signs of wear last season.

I just hope that I am wrong.



08-21-2000, 09:51 PM
I'm really concerned (well, not "really") about our third and long defense. I've had to follow our preseason on internet radio but it seems like our D has given up 3rd and very long repeatedly this preseason. This is either a result of poor pressure or poor coverage. I saw the highlights and on the TD it was clearly poor coverage by Dishman. We still need to tighten our secondary up. I'm still hoping Dishman becomes the stud I think he can be!

08-21-2000, 09:56 PM
I personally think the defense will be the weak link of this team...as far as on-field personnel.

08-21-2000, 10:37 PM

Excellent idea (all Bronco fans remain lurkers permanently!) http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

It would also be great to be able to label trolls, but that's hardly possible.

08-21-2000, 11:32 PM
Is this the redd who says i am a troll?????

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Bob Dole
08-22-2000, 11:10 AM

The doc is in. Cash you know your my bud. You may be a troll but I like you anyway.

Bob Dole
08-22-2000, 11:23 AM
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that thinks their is going to be a problem with the defense.

I think the problems with the defense is going to drive gunther nutty.

08-22-2000, 12:02 PM
I am changein DRs, I am not a TROLL!!!!!!! LOL. so word up dude.

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Dole
08-22-2000, 01:41 PM
Well it will be interesting to see if we pursue Brad. I personally think we need more help in the secondary.

Bob Dole
08-22-2000, 11:51 PM
Back to the top!

Bob Dole
08-23-2000, 01:14 PM
The doc is in!<BR>

08-23-2000, 05:35 PM
I think our secondary is goig to be our weakest link, personnel-wise. It would help if someone, anyone would tell KS that a bltiz doesn't require sending everyone but Willie Shaw to be effective. It seems the opposing offenses are killing us with that pass in the flat everytime on these blitzes.


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Bob Dole
08-24-2000, 07:49 PM
I'm liking what I see in gun making performance an indicator for who's getting playing time.

Bob Dole
08-24-2000, 07:50 PM
If williams isn't playing well he better sit his a$$ down.

08-24-2000, 09:59 PM
I think that the Chief's D is going to get better as each week goes by. There are alot of new people in new places on the D and they just need some time to feel each other out. The Chief's D will be good by the time it is all said and done

08-25-2000, 01:23 AM
The defense is going through some changes,but Gun should have it figured out by next weekend I hope.
Change is good bring the speed and youth and let them play.
Our offense should be knocking down the wall this year,they have too no excuses Grback http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

We interrupt this marriage to bring you the NFL season.

08-25-2000, 09:33 AM
I feel the new starters the D tonight will look great. I can not wait to see Warfield vs Keshawn. I guess we will see how good he is!


Bob Dole
08-25-2000, 12:59 PM
Yes this will be an interesting matchup tonight.

08-25-2000, 01:51 PM
If Gun and Kurt can figure out how to blitz, we'll be fine. If not.....

Bob Dole
08-25-2000, 09:04 PM
Wow.........I was impressed.........

by the lack of any plays being made tonight. It takes a lot of freaking talent to hold back this long making any plays so that they don't give anything away for the regular season.

I smell fireworks guys! <P>

08-25-2000, 09:12 PM
Yea, me too, they were awesome.


Bob Dole
08-27-2000, 06:10 PM
Well guys it looks like we are going to have 5 new starters on defense. This looks to spell trouble for our D. Wadda ya think?