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keg in kc
04-24-2003, 12:46 AM
Q&A on the Royals (http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/sports/5698997.htm)

The Kansas City Star
Posted on Wed, Apr. 23, 2003

Q: With the Royals bringing up Kyle Snyder to replace Jeremy Affeldt in the rotation, what happens when Affeldt returns from the disabled list?

A: Affeldt will return to the rotation as soon as he's healthy. He could start again as soon as May 6. That means Snyder should get two starts. If he pitches well, there's a good chance he'll stay in the rotation.

So who's the odd man out? Three possibilities: Chris George, Darrell May or Miguel Asencio. (It sure won't be Runelvys Hernandez.)

George probably is operating with the shortest rope over the next two weeks because he and Snyder battled for the final rotation spot until the last week of spring training. On the other hand, George is a left-hander, and manager Tony Pena likes having three lefties in his rotation.

There are those in the organization who think May, another lefty, could be an effective reliever because of his breaking ball -- which is far superior to George's. And however good the bullpen has been, it probably would benefit from having a left-hander. But May was much better last year as a starter, 4.99 ERA, than as a reliever, 7.88.

Asencio's wildness remains a concern. Some club officials still think he could benefit from time in the minors. But Asencio has a knack of minimizing damage. So he's probably safe.

Of course, if Snyder struggles, he'll almost certainly head back to Class AAA Omaha when Affeldt returns.

Q: What's the backup plan if rookie Mike MacDougal begins to struggle as the team's closer?

A: First, MacDougal probably will have to blow more than a couple of saves before Pena even begins to contemplate a change in closers. But if a change becomes necessary, the top candidate is D.J. Carrasco.

Q: Are Comcast subscribers ever going to see the Royals on television?

A: Right now, it doesn't look good. While local Comcast officials are eager for a deal, the company's national office just doesn't seem too interested. Comcast has steadily rejected the same terms already agreed upon by Time Warner and other cable companies. The best bet at this point is for local political officials to exert some pressure on the company.

04-29-2003, 03:23 PM
Please let May be the odd man out. I would like to see him in the bullpen. Minnesota's bullpen.