View Full Version : Peņa's pre-game comments (30 April)

04-30-2003, 05:03 PM
I didn't know this but Tony said that the Royals are much better against hard-throwing pitchers. He stated the speeds 97-98 mph as ideal (that's pretty darn fast of you ask me). This explains some of the struggle that the Royals had against the knuckle-baller last night.

I think that only explains part of it. I thought the Royals had a all-around piss-poor performance in game 1. Febles dropped a double-play ball. The BoSox had an infield pop-fly drop for a hit. There was a wild pitch or two. The Royals couldn't score runners in scoring position with 0 outs. Of course, they also got screwed by the ground rule double. I don't think, by ay means, that the Royals are going into a skid. In fact, I believe that they could do with a few losses to keep their feet on the ground. I just don't like to see them beating themselves.

Here's to a strong outing by Darrell May and the boys tonight. Can't wait to see what Snyder has to offer.

05-03-2003, 06:22 AM
It has been noted that a knuckleball pitcher will screw a team up for a couple of days due to the timing.... I think this is evident in how they hit the ball in boston, plus their fielding sucked...

They played quite well against a winning team(I think) in Baltimore...