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Duck Dog
08-27-2000, 04:41 PM

1. Will we regret cutting Gallery?

2. Who will be our pr/KR man??

3. What will we do for a backup QB??

4. Who is the main RB or is there even one?

08-27-2000, 04:44 PM
1. No. He can't kick off. He could be a good punter somewhere. he outpunted Aguiar one year in camp but was cut for the same reason (can't KO).

2. Hall, Parker

3. Don't know.

4. Don't know. My guess is RBbC.

Duck Dog
08-27-2000, 04:47 PM
Clint Storener looked great with the Cowboys the other night?
Did we even LOOK at him????????????<BR>

Duck Dog
08-27-2000, 04:47 PM
Clint Storener looked great with the Cowboys the other night?
Did we even LOOK at him????????????<BR>

Duck Dog
08-27-2000, 04:48 PM
Sorry, don't know why it posted double?

08-27-2000, 04:50 PM
Who? Is he a QB?

Duck Dog
08-27-2000, 04:53 PM
Yes, he is a qb. He ONLY led the Razorbacks to the win the cotton bowl.

He is now the back up to Troy Aikman I believe. At least he played after troy during the game. Played well too.

08-27-2000, 04:55 PM
Pam have you ever heard of Randall Cunningham, he is Aikmans backup.

Duck Dog
08-27-2000, 04:57 PM
Yes, I know Randall C. I think Clint played after Aikman and maybe I wasn't listening close enough, but thought they were talking about Clint being back up????

If Randall is, then the Chiefs should look at Storener as a viable back-up. I would be willing to bet that he would give Elvis a scare.

Tribal Warfare
08-27-2000, 05:00 PM
3.dud raiders cut rodney peete?

08-27-2000, 05:02 PM
Pam - Dallas' official website has the depth chart as Aikman, Cunningham, Justin/Storener. Whoever gets cut between Paul Justin and Storener could be worth looking at.

Tribal Warfare
08-27-2000, 05:04 PM
Justin has not looked good at all in preseason games, storener would be better choice if available.

08-27-2000, 05:05 PM
1 NO
2 Hall, as I assumed all along
3 ANYONE But White
4 Cloud/Marou

08-27-2000, 05:10 PM
Mohawk - i haven't seen him play, but he did start a few games for the Colts a while back, i believe (right before they drafted Peyton when Harbaugh was down). I thought he might be worth a look. But if he's looked bad, likely they'll keep Storener and we'll not have anyone good to look at.

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08-27-2000, 05:21 PM
1)No, it looks like Sauerbraun is doing exactly what we looked for in a punter.

2)Hall or Parker

3)The Steelers released Anthony Wright, the former Qb for South Carolina. He has mobility, a good arm, and didn't look too bad in his time with the Steelers. I saw him quite a bit here at South Carolina and he has all the tools that White didn't. Toss Collins and let Warren Moon tutor this guy.

4)Sorry, but I think RBBC is back for another year.


"When you're not the lead dog in the pack, the view is always the same"

Duck Dog
08-27-2000, 05:23 PM
Looks like Dallas Released Storener????

Can we get him please???????????????

08-28-2000, 07:03 AM
1. Not unless Sauerbrun is injured.
2. Hall.
3. Moon.
4. Cloud MIGHT get a shot at featured back, but I expect RBbC within a couple of games.

satisfied with #1-#3, but very disappointed in #4.<BR>