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I bleed red and yellow
09-03-2000, 06:43 PM
You don't create confusion by using different personell (i.e. RBBC), you create confusion and mismatches by creative play calling.

Does anyone wonder what KC is going to do whether Moreau, TRich, Bennett or Anders is in the backfield? No. Why? Because they do the same damn Sh*t no matter who is in there. That does confuse the D, it confuses the O and doesn't let thenm get in to a rythym. I like Gun. I like him a lot. But if this crap is still going on after a few games, he should be dismissed.

BTW, I actually thought KC played pretty well today, so this isn't a knee-jerk reaction to the outcome of the game. If they can overcome the lack of confidence a probable 0-2 start will provide, they will be competitive.


09-03-2000, 07:24 PM
I agree... we need to pick a RB & STICK WITH HIM. TRich rips off a 17 yd run, then we run Cloud up Grunny's *** 2x? WTF?

We lack continuity on offense. IMO, this is due to stupid personnel decisions. Pick your starters and adjust the O to accentuate their strengths. Right now, we look completely inept.

09-03-2000, 07:30 PM
Gee, I don't know guys. That "cloak and dagger" thing switiching our starting backfield had me guessing - right up until we ran the first play up Grunny's butt! *grin*

09-03-2000, 07:58 PM
Things Gun needs to learn about offense:

1)Keep a consistent group out there and give them defined roles. A team needs to find consistency and gel.

2)Stop giving the ball to Bennett. Get Bennett off the field. When running screens, do not throw a screen to Bennett Also study some game film and try to design a better screen. I guess maybe that is beyond Gun's limited football knowledge since he still doesn't know how to make his team defend a screen.

3)When running an offense, get the ball to your playmakers as much as possible. On this team, your playmakers are not your running backs. As you see, Indy went right to Harrison down the field. This softened up the ground game for them. They did not try to establish the run, they tried to establish their playmakers. THAT wins ballgames. THAT intimidates teams. Indy did not look like the winded team at the end. Your Chiefs, Gun, Did not look very tough despite all your talk.

4)Do not be so freakin' conservative in the first quarter, in the first half for that matter. Your job is to get the home crowd excited, to set up your pass rush, etc. You do not do that by running it on the first six plays. Again, establishing the run through that method is stupid and outdated. What to you might be trying to say "We will run the ball all day, try and stop us" is regarded by the other team as "We don't want to throw the ball, we're too afraid to open it up, so we're going to limit our options, come and stop us" which as you see Indy did.

Until Gun understands this, which since we're still running the same stuff he apparently never will, he will be nothing more than a mediocre head coach who gets outcoached by guys who get more sleep...

I bleed red and yellow
09-03-2000, 08:14 PM
Agreed guys. Gun say a lot of things, but has yet to back them up with results. Tough players? Looked to me like Indy was fresher at the end of the game. Stop stupid penalties? Three offsides and a killer on special teams in the 2nd half (not to mention that brain-dead hit Parker had on the defenseless returner). His posturing will become as meaningless as preseason games if these things don't straighten out.