View Full Version : What I saw

09-04-2000, 01:18 AM
Droped passes,to many three and outs.Running game would be better if you were smart enough to open it up with the passing game.
To much of the same conservitive offense (lets wait tell they score then we will get pumped up and score)
OC needs to pull his head out of his a$$.
Defense played a fair game for all the new starters the young ones will get better.
The two calls on the punt by the colts deep in there side was the turnning point IMO,we had it going are way at that point and blew it.
Who is going to be the fullback?
If Tony G was double teamed all day,someone else should have been open.
We have some talent and they are going to get better.
You got to come out of the gate and let loose are playmakers ( Quit holding back in the first three or four drives)
Colts have playmakers we need to find ours.
At least we know some of our rookies are playmakers this could be our best draft in along time if these guys pan out.
Dante Hall we need you on the field soon http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif

We interrupt this marriage to bring you the NFL season.