View Full Version : Morris will start sunday according to gun, duh!

09-07-2000, 09:39 AM
I am kind of tired of all of this talk about starting certain players yet they dont use them enough. They started tony richardson and they still went with the rbbc. If they start sly, they better throw him the freaking ball more than twice to take the doubles off of gonzo! wont beleave it till i see it. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif

09-07-2000, 09:47 AM
At least we are starting a rookie on offense by week 2 instead of year 2, or 3 or 4...

09-07-2000, 09:49 AM
I should add if the receivers would have held onto the ball last Sunday they might have been more passing, but it is hard to pass when your always punting because some goob developed bricks disease.

09-07-2000, 09:49 AM
Morris should be the #1 WR right now, IMO.

Lockett should remain #2.

Yes, that's right. DA should come off the bench as the #3 WR. What a lazy bastard. At least Lockett works his *** off in the offseason. If DA wants to take half of each season off as he has in '98 and '99, let him do it on the bench with reduced pay!

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Devin Vierth
09-07-2000, 09:50 AM
I wonder is this has anything remotely to do with Lockett possibly leaking the Gun comments to Maas. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/confused.gif

Devin Vierth
09-07-2000, 09:51 AM
I wonder is this has anything remotely to do with Lockett possibly leaking the Gun comments to Maas. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/confused.gif

Kurt Surber
09-07-2000, 09:52 AM
Did he state WHICH position Mo is starting in? Remember we tried Vanover at RB a couple of years ago, so we might be in for a suprise. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

09-07-2000, 09:53 AM
This has to do with one thing, Morris is a potential feature NFL receiver, and Lockett will never be more than a short to mid range possession receiver.

09-07-2000, 09:56 AM
Red Till Dead - As long as we continue to run these stop routes most of our receivers will look that way.

Hit the guy on the run ****it!!!

Devin Vierth
09-07-2000, 10:00 AM
Morph - we have 2 receivers you can do that with, because they have speed - DA and Sly.

You only have one who can apparently CATCH on the run, and that's SLY. Because of this, you won't see much of a change.

09-07-2000, 10:06 AM

Agreed 100%.

ChiTown - Not sure about DA, but have you given up on Larry Parker. He seems willing to go over the middle and catch the ball in stride. Doesn't show any fear on Punt returns.

Don't think it is as much about talent, as it is our Jimmy Raye conservitave offense.

09-07-2000, 10:46 AM
Good lord Morph, I couldn't have put it better myself. There are two factors involved in creating a completion:
A) Paasing the ball acurately with no intermidiary interference and...

09-07-2000, 10:50 AM
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09-07-2000, 11:33 AM
I might add:
C: Catch the ball with your HANDS - that TD DA dropped hit him in the forearms.

If he had any kind of work ethic at all, he could be a top 3 WR in the NFL. Instead he rests on his athletic ability.

09-07-2000, 11:36 AM
Anybody know the size of the titan's d-backs that might be matched up with sly the cat?

Devin Vierth
09-07-2000, 11:39 AM

Larry Parker?? Who the hell knows? We haven't seen enough balls thrown his way to assess his talent yet. I can't even make a guess on that one. Punt returns, I agree, he has no fear. Hope he can hold onto the ball. I am also doubting his smarts. Did you see the stupid lick he put on that guy last Sunday?? It wasn't even close. Gun can talk all he wants about players playing hard, but at some point, you have to play smart. I have my doubts about Parker, but I'll give him plenty of rope to prove he's a playa.

Overall -our WR corp is short on talent and needs some speed.

09-07-2000, 11:46 AM
You are not alone...Everyone in the world thinks this committee stinks except Goonthar and Raye...As for SlyMo, glad to see him get a chance this early but until it really happens you can't necessarily believe it...I read ever week last year on how Cloud was going to get a lot of opportunity and he only ended up with 35 carries for the season.

09-07-2000, 01:45 PM
About the L.Parker Hit on the punt returner;
I think it was a VERY HEADS_UP play. Consider the following:

If he passes the returner by, which his momentum would have carried him past, there are no other Chiefs around for 10+yards, and if the returner breaks one tackle he gets more than 15 yards on the return.

So, he stopped any big return, and I dont think they got any more yardage than they would have on the return, with the added bonus of putting a little fear into their punt returner.

If you have it on tape, look at it with this perspective.