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08-21-2000, 08:23 PM
I read (or heard) early in the preseason where the Packers were hoping Hasselback had another good preseason. That way they could maybe get some trade offers for him. I haven't seen much of tonights game, but did see where he is the highest rated QB in the NFL again this preseason. Any thoughts on if this might be a good move to presue Hasselback?

08-21-2000, 08:25 PM
I figure we've got to do something. We have a collection of stiffs behind Grbac that rivals Night of the Living Dead (except the zombies are probably more mobile). Hope we can get some waiver-wire help in the secondary, too!

08-21-2000, 08:26 PM
The eternal question - What would he cost. He is a future prospect with possibility, but no guarantees. I would not give up a present power, but perhaps an older player and an upper draft pick.

08-21-2000, 08:27 PM
Check out this article, It sure raised my eyebrows! I dont think it's true and I hope it isn't...


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08-21-2000, 08:31 PM
OMG, the Packers actually have a site? Does Ken know about this?

08-21-2000, 08:35 PM

I went there, but it was kind of hard to read. Half of the article (left half) was in the green, and hard to make out. I thought it looked like some team has offered 3 first round picks for Hasselback. It also looked like your Hawks are quite interested. I don't know. If thats what it said, that seems kind of steep!

08-21-2000, 08:37 PM
Wow...the league is so desperate for quality starting QB's that stupidity rules the air of quick fixes...
If GB can get 3 1st rd pix for Matt....do it...and do it quick...
Wouldn't be surprised to see Pennington and Lucas draw the same attention when their contracts are up....
One thing for sure....King Carl won't be throwing his # in the hat...unless there's a second coming of EG in the works...(that's a joke dammit) http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/cool.gif

08-21-2000, 08:38 PM
Coogs, The article implies that Holmgren has offered three first round picks for Hassleback. Sounds wacky to me I dont buy it...


08-22-2000, 05:46 AM
I don't think anyone would offer three first rounders to a QB who has never held the starting job. I also think the Pack would be stupid to trade him if he is so good, because Favre's health hasn't been great lately and he could go down anytime.

08-22-2000, 06:38 AM
I think Hasselback, will be starting somewhere eventually, but not at that price. I guess Holmgren, really doesn't think Kitna can do the job.

One Arrowhead Dave
08-22-2000, 06:42 AM
I don't buy it either. It sounds ridiculous for a preseason only player. As others have stated, they need to hold on to him for insurance for Favre also. Wuerffel (sp?) is next on the depth chart.......